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  • 'Ask Ralph and Lahni TV' explores a variety of well being topics related to nutritional and environmental health from a natural and results focused approach. It came out Ralph & Lahni's many years of consulting and speaking on herbology and nutrition. CLICK HERE 

  • 'Planetary Calendar TV' is based on one of America's longest published Astrological Calendars, started in 1949. It includes a monthly forecast an education segment. CLICK HERE

  • Ongoing Seminar Series 

    Creating The Sacred Geometry of Abundance

    A workshop with Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis on Saturday February 24th 2018 at the Napa Valley Center for Spiritual Living from 10am to Noon. Cost $30.00. We have the power to program our living spaces to help us attain the goals we desire. Sacred Geometry is not a static, spiritual technology apart from ourselves, it is a living, reactive energy architecture that we construct daily. Knowing how it works can make all the difference in building the life you want. This is part of a year long practical series of workshops at the Center addressing aspects of love, money, well being and the tools that will help you construct a world that works best for you.  We have 2 classes coming up. WATCH THE VIDEO AND REGISTER HERE.

  • The Stand Along Seminar, Watch Future Schedules 

    Creating Clarity

    People think that the reason for clutter is emotions, or laziness, or lack of organization. It's not! The cause of clutter has it roots in Ergonomics and Kineseology. The hardest part of our approach is getting people to see that their clutter is being caused by a series of simple reactions. When you change the space to change those reations clutter dissolves. In this two hour workshop you'll get the techniques you need so you never need to worry about clutter again. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

  • Welcome, We're Lahni and Ralph DeAmicis, the producers of  several nationally viewed TV shows and seminar leaders. We create and publish books and calendars . Each topic below is linked to resources; episodes, articles, books and videos. 

    The TV shows

  • 'Wine Country at Work TV' peeks behind the scenes to where the magic happens and the Wizards who do that in the world's top wine tourism destinations. CLICK HERE

  • A Stand Alone Seminar 

    The Sacred Geometry of Prosperity for Astrologers

    Saturday, March 17, 2018, Mason Center for the NCGRThis workshop teaches how to use the hidden designs in our surroundings to improve prosperity. Sacred Geometry is Astrology's most ancient form focused on locations and directions. Its practice is called Geomancy. Most Geomancy is applied to building placement, but there is an intimate application of this powerful art that can improve your life. You will learn how the horoscope and planetary archetypes pattern your space and how to interpret the prosperity messages you are currently projecting. You will learn how to use the Sacred Triangles and Essential Dignities that underlie Astrologic Geometric philosophy, to transmit the prosperity frequency.

    Next the workshop will explore innovative ways to use Local Space charts, the Essential Dignities and the Pars Fortuna to optimize personal alignments. If you have the capability bring your personal Local Space chart (Natal Location) and your personal Essential Dignities report. If you need us to bring them include your birth date and birth location with your registration.  Also, bring a simplified floor plan of your personal workspace with furniture placement, light sources and compass direction. Plan to leave the work shop with solutions.