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    Definition: Strategic Ergonomics - the productive movement of energy in the workplace towards a specific goal.

     There is power in the way we shape our workplace when we do it with a clear purpose. We can better define and express our goals when we create an environment where our talents can manifest most effectively. The old office design rules that were developed when workers were tied to single locations have been blown apart by dramatic technological advances. Today's tools allow people to change workplaces often because it's easier to move a wireless laptop than the half ton of filing cabinets that we needed in the past! Increasingly, people have to quickly create, or adapt to, their new work environments, shaping them to their unique tasks in order to be effective. Having an ErgoDynamic Strategy means knowing how to position yourself, and your team, to consistently perform at your best.

    When this strategy is missing, we see a whole list of organizational ailments arise: Increased stress, wasted time, fuzzy focus, indifferent cooperation, poor skill development, lack of commitment, insipid morale, employee fraud, increased sick time and the inability to retain quality personnel! Pretty bad, huh? But you can make it better!

     You physical positioning matters because your body always has an opinion about the surroundings you encounter. Depending on how much you instinctually feel supported, or challenged, by your intimate environment determines how easily you can access your talents. The purpose of the Dream Desk Questionnaire Series, of which this book is the Introduction, is to help you build an effective ErgoDynamic Strategy, step by step, that will hopefully lead you to higher levels of clarity and efficiency in your work and in your life!  

    Strategic Ergonomics is a practical approach combining ergonomics, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and social-positional strategy, similar to what we learn in sports. The philosophy looks at how the human body is continually striving to fulfill the mission of our higher selves. The body does this while living in a world with smart phones and the internet on one side, and on the other, lions and tigers and bears, oh my! The design of the human body continues to be one of the great wonders of this world.

     This book was written for a simple reason; most people don’t look carefully at their surroundings and how they affect their own experience. The first step is dumping the assumptions many people carry that create most of the problems that Strategic Ergonomics seeks to solve. First in that list is the unconscious belief that the people who put together your surroundings knew what they were doing and had your best interests at heart. Guess what, often they didn’t and the sooner you recognize that, the faster you will take responsibility for your surroundings and make serious progress. This collection of ideas is aimed at breaking up those obstructive assumptions through revealing how our collective design history affects your life, and how choices create the experience. Hopefully this will help you see your surroundings in a new light that will make your pathway to success and satisfaction smoother.

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  • The Art & Science of Wine Touring
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  • The Wine Tasting Room Experience


    What to Expect

     A tasting normally includes 1 to 2 ounces each of 4 to 5 wines in a sequence from a light white like Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio to a heavy red like Cabernet Sauvignon or Sangiovese. There is normally a charge based on the cost of the wine. You can share tastings and there are buckets to pour the excess wine out. The idea is to taste, not get drunk. The sense of smell is critical so don’t wear perfumes, colognes or lipstick, which smudge the crystal glasses.

     Start by swirling the wine to open the flavors by setting the glass on the tasting bar, holding it by the base and making little circles. Then, holding the glass by the stem, tilt it and inhale the bouquet. Tilting the glass to about 45 degrees allows you to smell the fruit instead of the rising alcohol. Finally, take a sip and hold the wine in your mouth, letting it reach all parts of your tongue and the diverse taste buds. Enjoy! Now, swirl again and repeat the process. If you don’t like the wine, or you’ve had enough to get a read, dump the excess. There is plenty more to come so protect your tasting endurance.

     Hints: Don’t wear white. Read the winery tasting notes while you sample to help identify the flavors. The flavors they mention occur naturally in the grapes, they are not added. Inhale the bouquet gently because the sensors are at the front of the nose. The nose recognizes over 2000 scents while the palette identifies 5 flavors. Professional tasters spit the wine out which is more critically accurate, but less fun. Tipping is not common. The best way to say thank you for a great tasting experience is to buy their wine, it is, after all, the world’s best souvenir.

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  • The Art and Science of Wine Touring. This is presented while a video of the region runs and a wine tasting is conducted. It helps visiting groups get the most from a day of wine touring. It reveals special qualities of these regions and the keys to enjoying these remarkable places and how to delightfully enhance their experience. This is presented by Ralph & Lahni who run Amicis Tours in the Napa Sonoma area. They've written ten books about wine country and are well known experts on wine tourism. They are filled with great stories and insights about why people come to the region and the secrets to maximizing their enjoyment. CLICK HERE

  • Team Feng Shui, Why Some Offices Work and Some Don't and How to Make Those Better.  This helps individuals and teams maintain a higher level of focus through effectively managing their surroundings so they can more quickly attain their goals. This energizing, interactive talks help people recognize how to use their physical positions of power to access their genius and motivation and that of their team. There are two levels, Strategic Ergonomics is for boosting individual's skills, and Strategic Ergo Dynamics is geared for those who manage teams. CLICK HERE

    Tactical Health is a minor but helpful aspect of Strategic Ergonomics, because it explains how working spaces affect people's health and performance and how certain standardized herbs, supplements and nutrition are used to cope successfully with those stresses and pollutants. CLICK HERE

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