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    •  The Planetary Calendar was  started in 1949 and we've been the author/astrologers since 2002. During that time we added the forecasts and started the television show. We became the publishers in 2016 and have been making improvements ever since.  It is a wonderful resource with a very loyal readership and we are working to make it even better.  In 2020 we are introducing a Day Planner with a small Astrology course and we've transformed the Planetary Calendar  TV show into 'Astrologers Chatting Over Coffee'. Here are some illuminating pages and videos.

    • You can BUY the 2020 Edition of the Planetary Calendar HERE

    • Watch the current month's short forecast HERE

    • Watch the 28 minute Year Long Forecasts, including the Chinese New Year Edition
    • for the Year of the Earth Pig HERE

    • Learn HOW TO use the Calendar more effectively through short videos HERE

    • Enjoy 10 Minute Long Astro Minutes on various Astrological Subjects HERE

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  • TV series has moved. 

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  • We are not producing new episodes of the 'Ask Ralph & Lahni' TV series about natural healing.

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  • Hello Planetary Calendar Fans,

    If you have previously purchased the Planetary Calendar you will notice the NEW Cover right away! After 70 years we’ve upgraded, and thanks to NASA and Hubble for the great images. Other new features include two separate forecast sections on each month’s page. The upper part deals with the primary lunations, New Moon & Full Moon, while the lower portion has our observations for the rest of the Planetary Family. The footnotes help you connect the day box to the text. Remember, we note these occurrences only when they are exact so their effect can be felt a bit before and after.

    We have also added Lunar Meditations, with Essential Oil suggestions and Feng Shui Placements to help you keep your surroundings clear and upbeat! We are so glad to hear from you that you are enjoying having the reference pages at the back of the calendar. Please let us know what you think of our other updates as well. We believe that this is the most helpful, accessible, and ergonomically designed astrological calendar on the market today.

    NEW THIS YEAR! After months of work, we have introduced the 2020 Day Planner, 218 pages of ergonomically designed Astrological guidance and appointment notation space. MORE FEATURES include a COMPLETE EPHEMERIS, additional forecasts and a bonus chapter from our upcoming book, 'Planetary Calendar Astrology, Moving Beyond Observation to Action'.

  • ALSO NEW THIS YEAR and AVAILABLE NOW! Planetary Calendar Astrology Book, Moving Beyond Observation into Action. For those who want to learn more, our newest book began as a companion to the Calendar, but then it became more. It begins with an extensively illustrated, entertaining, symbolically rich Astrology course. The approach is based on the Calendar’s authors direct, easy to apply methods, that avoids the complex BS that crept into the art over the centuries, due to a lack of accurate astronomical knowledge. Next, there is a three-chapter exploration of the Calendar’s unique Environmental Healing System, followed by an introduction to proactive, three-dimensional astrology techniques, that both empower and enlighten. It is truly is an Astrology book for today’s new generation of Astrologers.  Read the complete description HERE.

    Give us your email address if you’d like to receive a link to our TV show with our Monthly Forecasts and our new show 'Astrologers Chatting Over Coffee'. We’re blessed to have such a lovely Planetary Calendar Family. It has been great to ‘meet you’  

  • Wishing you *Good Stars* for the year ahead.   - Ralph & Lahni   

  • It's Calendar Buying Season

    Our Planetary Calendar comes in two wall sizes and a popular purse/pocket size. Plus for the first time in over 70 years, A DAY PLANNER! For the tech savvy, there is the digital version of the Calendar and a Kindle Version of the Day Planner. Calculated for Pacific Clock Time with a handy key at the bottom of each month for easy conversion. And to help you use the Calendar  more effectively and expand your Astrological knowledge buy our NEW COMPANION BOOK. Wishing you a great 2020.                      Planetary Calendar, Forecasting the Future Since 1949
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  • We are Authors, Publishers and Television Producers.
  • Our subjects are Astrology, GeoMagical Design & Herbal Healing. 
  • Our products include:
  • The Planetary Calendar series, started in 1949
  • The Feng Shui and The Tango Series, The 10 Minute Herbalist Series.
  • The TV show  'Astrologers Chatting Over Coffee' & The Planetary Calendar Astrology Podcast
  • Watch the Chinese New Year Forecast for 2021 HERE

  • Astrologers Chatting: Wine

  • A few short words About the New Pocket Calendar Format. On its Page there is a longer, more detailed video. 
  • A few words About the Calendar Companion Book, At its Page there is a longer, more detailed video.