Comfortable Cleansing

Comfortable Detoxification: Better Out Than In!


Do you want to have vibrant health? Then be as clean inside as you are outside. That means periodically using natural foods to scrub out the toxic residue that builds up inside your body, from digestion, pollution and stress. It’s not hard to do and it doesn’t need to be uncomfortable. If you detoxify your body gently, it’s more effective. This gentle method cleans 5 systems in this sequence: Bowel, Liver, Kidney, Blood & Lymph. Fortunately while you’re cleaning the bowels the other systems are also being helped, because as you clean the bowels it allows the other organs to get unstuck.

For the best results, take soluble and insoluble fibers like the powdered Psyllium Hulls Combination, or the capsules of Psyllium Hulls daily through the entire detoxifying process, because when it comes to toxins, they’re better out than in. As your body’s systems eliminate toxins they’re going to send them through the colon. The fiber scrubs out the intestinal tract at the same time absorbing those toxins and preventing them from being reabsorbed.

90% of health problems start in the bowel because many people treat their body like a trash compactor. That’s called constipation. Sometimes the bowels are moving but the walls are coated with aging gunk. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it!

The first consideration when cleaning the bowel is recognizing that it’s probably tight, stressed, dried out, leaking and sluggish. You might get gripping and cramping as the fiber pulls sludge from the walls. Here’s how you make the process more comfortable. Start the cleansing by taking lots of the relaxing mineral Magnesium. Reference the Magnesium Chapter. A Magnesium deficiency results in constipation. Here’s how you work with the relaxing mineral.

Day 1 take 1 tablet. Day 2 take 2. Day 3 take 3 and so on, adding 1 tablet a day until either your bowels get loose (Then cut back to comfortable amount.) or you reach 10 a day. In that case, keep taking 10 a day until your bowels get loose, then go to a comfortable amount, normally 1 to 3 daily.

Once your bowels are comfortably relaxed with magnesium, start with fiber. You can use a complete fiber drink or individual products. CleanStart and Citrus CleanStart are complete 14 day programs that produces wonderful results. After that, the powdered Psyllium Hulls  can be taken daily. Take a tablespoon of Psyllium powder in a large glass of water or juice, mixing it thoroughly and drinking it down quickly, either morning or evening. When starting out, be gentle, use a teaspoonful for the first 3-5 days. Follow the first glass with a second glass of water or juice. Or you can use capsules; 9 capsules equals 1 tablespoon.

Important. Psyllium expands absorbing water, so relax the bowels with magnesium and drink lots of water. If the Psyllium doesn’t have enough water, the bowel can become clogged. If you feel like the fiber isn’t moving along like it should, drink warm water mixed with liquid Chlorophyll as a lubricant. In a pinch, put warm compresses over your belly and if the plug is still stuck, then it's time for a colonic. But, if you start with magnesium and take the fiber with plenty of water, and maybe a little Chlorophyll, that will never happen. If you take the capsules you still need plenty of water. Stock numbers for the capsules are: Psyllium Hulls Psyllium Seed.

Don’t be surprised when your bowels (colon) start working better, so don’t be alarmed. Remember, there’s nothing coming out that you want to keep. Do the initial bowel cleaning for at least a month. That means 5 to 6 days of Magnesium, 14 days of the CleanStart and then 10 days of Psyllium, and then add Small Intestine Detox daily for a month. 2 capsules with the fiber will help clean the resistant deposits off the walls of the small intestine and improve nutritional assimilation.

In the following month, clean and strengthen the liver with Milk Thistle Combination. Do this gently over two months (or longer) with 1-2 a day. Go through 2 bottles and keep taking the fiber. If you become uncomfortable you’re going too fast. Slow down! The most difficult toxins get stuck in the liver so flush  them out gradually and catch them in the fiber so they don’t get reabsorbed.

When you feel ready use 1 bottle of Urinary Maintenance (3 a day) for a month to clean and strengthen the kidneys. Next use a bottle of the traditional blood purifiers in BP-X (3 a day) for a month. Finally clean the lymphatic system with a bottle of Lymphomax (3 a day) for a month.

To get the best results use fiber throughout the process since this pulls toxins out most effectively. If at any time you have discomfort using a product, stop it for a few days and resume more slowly. For example, take 1 tablet every other day until your body becomes more comfortable with the process, if you’re still uncomfortable look into a different, milder product.

Note: If you’re suffering from an irritable bowel you don’t need cleansing. The product for you is Intestinal Sooth and Build, Reference the Chapter  on Calming the Irritated Bowel.

This is a gentle, gradual cleanse. Slow it down or speed it up to suit your comfort levels. A comfortable, low stress cleanse, spread over a longer period of time is a better and deeper cleanse.

(c) 2015 Ralph & Lahni de Amicis