Hormonal Harmony

In the first episode of Ask Ralph & Lahni they explain some of the hidden factors in creating a healthy hormonal system for both women and men using diet and herbs.

Chapter 10: Hormonal Harmony for Women

With Natural Progesterone Cream from Wild Yam

Ladies, do you experience: cramps - migraines - mood swings - fibrocystic breasts - frustration - endometriosis - uterine fibroids - irregular cycles - weeping - baby blues - irritability - infertility - non-cycling - dry skin - aggression - gas - fragility - bruise easily - acne - PMS - cravings - constipation - stiffness - irregular bleeding - leg and muscle cramps - breast tenderness - hot flashes - hypertension - bloating - lowered libido - exhaustion - depression - water retention - hair loss - headaches- facial hair - lethargy - anger - weight gain - osteoporosis - insomnia. These are all symptoms of an excess of estrogen and a deficiency of natural progesterone, what we call estrogen dominance.

Be in Your Power: The 2 feminine hormones, progesterone and estrogen need to be in balance. Natural estrogen makes the body hold onto fluids, salts & fats and slows the metabolism. Natural progesterone helps the body to be sleek, pain free, youthful and sexy. Prevent Osteoporosis: Natural progesterone stimulates the body to clean out old brittle bone minerals. Natural estrogen stimulates the application of fresh minerals. If they are not in balance you can’t properly make bone.

Promote Fertility: Natural estrogen prepares for pregnancy. Natural progesterone is the vital key to maintaining the pregnancy. If no pregnancy occurs progesterone flushes away the stored material so the body can begin the next cycle with fresh resources.

Wrinkle and Age Spot Free: Natural progesterone is created from the Wild Yam plant of Mexico, a tough tuber only distantly related to the common market yam. A powerful tissue builder and anti-inflammatory, it is famous for removing wrinkles and age spots.

Cost Effective: The natural progesterone manufacturing process patent is in the public domain, the gift of the scientist who developed the process who felt that this was such a universal benefit to women that it should be available to everyone inexpensively. We agree! A completely natural product, the best creams are available from the top network Herbal companies. In our research we have found Nature Sunshine Products Pro-G-Yam 500 NSP to be the world’s best. 

Why a Cream? The twice-daily application of a natural progesterone cream is without a doubt the best way to experience the benefits. Taken orally, very little progesterone will actually make it to the parts of the body where the ovaries would naturally distribute it, because the liver will convert it into other hormones.  As a cream, you can control the distribution, including applying some of it directly over the ovaries. Extra can go on the face and hands.

Why Progesterone and Not Estrogen? The ovaries create 99% of the body’s progesterone but only 60% of the estrogen. The other 40% is produced in the brown fat cells. When the ovaries are starved or malfunctioning your body still makes estrogen, but the flow of progesterone almost completely stops. Hormonal starvation is epidemic. Hormonal materials are found in uncooked olive oil, raw nuts & deep-water fish, foods most people don’t eat often enough.

The Big Benefits of Natural Progesterone: In women, studies have shown it prevents osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer.

Why Natural Versus Synthetic: Herbal companies produce natural products like progesterone. Drug companies produce synthetic products like the Progestin found in Hormonal Replacement Therapy & birth control pills prescribed by MD’s.  In 2002, a major study of HRT funded with US tax dollars was halted half way through because so many women had either died or been debilitated by strokes, heart attacks or cancer as a result of taking these synthetic hormonal drugs. Taking responsibility for your own hormonal health using natural products is statistically safer.

Are you well informed enough to be healthy? This information has been known for a long time. Many women have benefited from it, but unfortunately more women have suffered in ignorance. We’ve seen many supposedly infertile women bear healthy children.

We’ve seen seriously osteoporotic women restore height and healthy bones. We’ve seen amazing results and yet it is simply the result of feeding that most powerful system, the hormonal, what it is asking for, natural progesterone.

How to Use the Product: In the first month you need to go through two tubes. If you have serious challenges plan on 2 tubes a month for the first 3-6 months. A maintenance amount is 1 tube a month, for the rest of your life. You have a challenge if you suffer from symptoms on that beginning list.

What to Expect: If you have a challenge, expect some PMS when you begin. This will be due to the previously trapped estrogen flooding into the system, unlocked by the progesterone cleaning your estrogen receptor sites. Here’s the secret. Start this on a Friday. Tell everyone to be extra nice to you. Then whenever you get any PMS symptoms use more cream immediately. Do not use less and do not stop! The more you use, the faster your body will process and flush the extra estrogen that is causing the PMS symptoms. Remember, that list of problems is caused by excess estrogen and the only thing that can clear it out is natural progesterone.

Why You Should Start Now: Hormones are the most powerful materials in the body. Every day that you are out of balance, you are not in your power. Every day that you are hormonally balanced you are enjoying your birthright as a healthy woman.  We prefer Pro G Yam Cream 500 from NSP

From the 10 Minute Herbalist by Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis (c)2015

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