Addressing Allergies with Ask Ralph & Lahni

Chapter 16: Feeding the Lungs


What causes problems like asthma? Physically, the respiratory system isn’t getting enough of the nutrients that keep it healthy, calm and protected. Also, the acids produced in the lungs by metabolism aren’t being removed fast enough, so they cause irritation and sensitivity in the tissue. The good isn’t getting in and the bad isn’t getting out.

Asthma sufferers tend to be mentally bright and emotionally sensitive and that makes them burn up anti-inflammatory hormones quickly, the same hormones that keep the lungs calm. Hormonal starvation triggers the ‘fight or flight reflex’, shutting down the digestive enzymes, reducing the assimilation of nutrition and clogging the bowels.

The lymphatic system has the job of draining acids from the lungs through the bowels and out of the body. When the bowels are clogged the acids will then sit around in the lungs and bowels longer than they should causing irritation and inflammation. It is the acid backing up into the lungs that is inflaming them and creating the hypersensitivity called asthma.

In the emotionally expressive Latin countries where foods are spicy, people sweat, and everyone consumes huge amounts of essential fatty acids from olive oil and fish, asthma is rare. The good fats get in and the bad acids come out with the perspiration.

So if you’re suffering with asthma, eat like an Italian, dance like a Brazilian and get angry like a Spaniard.

Helpful Hint: Don’t chase the symptoms, focus on the solutions, calming and feeding the respiratory system, removing acids through the lymphatic system and bowels, and restoring the minerals that keep the body alkaline. That leads to resolving this problem and reclaiming your full vitality. Reference our Chapter on Alkaline and Acid=pH.

The herb Lobelia has been used for many years as a powerful herbal relaxant and Lobelia Essence  liquid calms spasms and flushes the lymphatic system. It can be applied topically over the neck and chest and can be added to the bath water which is especially helpful with children.

Restore the essential fatty acids with Super GLA Oil Blend (Plant based from Primrose, Black Currant & Borage) or Omega-3 EPA (Fish oil), 1 capsule for every 20 pounds of body weight daily. Eat more extra virgin olive oil and organic almonds; both are alkaline and filled with good fats. The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) lacks many important nutrients. That’s why daily supplementation is important.

Feed the nervous system with anti Stress herbs like NSP's Stress Formula. This is high in vitamin B-5, a nutrient that asthma sufferers are chronically low in. Feed and restore the lungs with ALJ: NSP’s safe and dependable herbal allergy and lung tonic, good for both seasonal and chronic issues. Up to one capsule for every ten pounds of body weight daily is the therapeutic amount, but start slowly. 4 to 6 a day is a good maintenance amount.

Help the bowels with LBS II: Lower Bowel Strengthener, a very safe combination for over-coming the most insidious contributor to illness, constipation & sluggish bowels. 2 capsules daily before bed cleans and strengthens the bowels and can be used alongside a fiber product like Psyllium Hulls Combination with lots of pure water. Reference our Chapter on Better Out Than In.

Another option, if the problem is overly loose bowels, use Irritable Bowel Fiber, mixed into water and taken daily as a fiber drink. When the bowels are clogged or loose they’re not eliminating acids effectively. One of the purposes of fiber is to absorb acids. Reference our Chapter on Soothing and Calming the Bowel.

Restore your alkaline mineral reserves and neutralize acids with A Green Drink. Excess acid irritates the lungs and bowels. 2-4 scoops daily in water or food. This produces many wonderful benefits. Reference our Chapter on The Foundation of Minerals.

Let the Stress Formula help you manage your life more effectively.  This very safe and dependable NSP standby can be taken ‘as needed’ to crank down tension levels or as a daily supplement to feed the nervous system. 2 to 4 with a glass of water is very soothing. 6 to 8 a day is a good amount, although up to one for every ten pounds of body weight daily isn’t a problem, except you might feel too sane and relaxed. 

Remove irritants in your environment with essential oils from the NSP Citrus Diffuser Kit including a plug in diffuser and three, extremely high-quality citrus oils. Many people suffer from the use of toxic personal care and home cleaning products, heating systems and the general lack of fresh, clean air. Essential oils are one of the best air cleaners and purifiers. Being anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, diffusing essential oils can make a dramatic improvement in the overall health of the home.

Use all natural soaps, toothpastes, shampoos and other personal care products. NSP’s Natria line is a comprehensive skin and hair care collection made from the purest and highest quality ingredients. It also smells wonderful too! Their Sunshine Brite Toothpaste is so good for you that you can eat it. Wishing you good health!

From the 10 Minute Herbalist by Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis (c)2015

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