The 2017-2022 Global Forecast by Ralph & Lahni De Amicis

This written forecast was made by taking notes from our TV show, so to get the full color version watch that at The first episode on that page is for 2017 and the second video is the basis for this long-range 2017-22 forecast. It may sound odd that the forecast was done first as a video, and then as a written report. That is because of the hybrid process we employ, we look at the charts beforehand and circle noteworthy aspects and players. When we do the forecast we are looking at so many different charts and maps, that the forecast becomes a fluid process, almost like an interpretative performance. A note to astrologers: The charts for each location are calculated for the exact New Moon in Aquarius using Whole Sign Houses and the Tropical Zodiac.

The Forecast

We normally only do forecasts for one ahead, but recently people have been so stressed with politics and conspiracies that we decided to look further out through 2022. Astrologically, our global forecast is based on the New Moon in Aquarius, Aka the Chinese New Year Chart, & Aka The Seed Time because it provides the year's theme. The forecasts are location specific, so we look at charts for cities all over the world. In this long range forecast we are focused on charts for the USA's east and west coasts. 2017 is a very special year and those charts say very different things, but wherever you live there is a ballistic quality to the year, due to several powerful Fixed Stars being close to the Solar Systems biggest planets, Jupiter and Saturn, and rising at the eastern horizon at Washington DC. Those stars include the feminine archetype Spica, the brightest star in Virgo conjunct Jupiter, Regulus, the brightest star in Leo which is rising in Washington DC, and the Galactic Center at 26 degrees Sagittarius conjunct to Saturn, which has a big esoteric influence. This is a chart and a year that is propelled beyond its normal limits. We see this Fixed Star effect in the charts of people who are born into unremarkable circumstances but rise to incredible prominence.


2017 is going to be an especially wacky year in the USA, but you don’t need to be an Astrologer to know that. Washington DC is in for big legal battles, a bonanza for attorneys (Sun Moon in 7th house of legal issues). The wacky maker is Uranus in Aries sitting over the heartland of the United States during the Chinese New Year, it shows an erratic, disruptive, possibly crazy, head strong person pushed up into the public scene. Sound familiar? Meanwhile, on the east coast there is a great deal of maneuvering behind the scenes (A Stellium in Pisces in the 8th house), this is a sign of the government bureaucracy and their hidden power, especially the agencies that work behind the scenes like intelligence gathering. That Regulus rising is the sign of a King complex (A marker in Trump's natal chart) being mightily opposed, and subverted in ways that he can't control. Meanwhile, thanks to Jupiter in Libra supported by exalted Venus in Pisces and opposing Uranus, it shows a positive focus on the laws and courts. It also shows a great deal of positive cooperation based on shared beliefs, and empowerment by women. After all, the Women's March was the largest gathering in history.

Much of this turmoil on the east coast doesn’t touch the west coast, which maintains a strong sense of mission and a willingness to nurture and protect its citizens. In some ways, in 2017 California is the most American of places, entrepreneurial, forward thinking and acting, optimistic and open to immigrants.

When we did the Chinese New Year Forecast for 2016 we saw Hillary Clinton dominating that year, so we thought she would win the election. The problem was, like most statistical systems, astrology, since it works through massive astrophysical elements, can forecast what a large population will do, but it's harder to spot the effect of conspiracies by a small group will engineer. So the influence of Putin, and the New York office of the FBI, district gerrymandering and the wholesale suppression of the vote by State legislatures over the past eight years was enough to divert the will of the people.

If, when we did the 2016 forecast, we have also looked a few years into the future, it would have brought up some questions and we might have correctly forecast the election results. That's because looking at the charts for the next two years in Washington DC, we are seeing serious disruption in 2017 and 2018. The charts show that 2017 sees the forming of cooperatives movements, in then in 2018 those groups take action. That is reflected as Jupiter moving from Libra to Scorpio and that's when we'll see the growth of big opposition. Also, 2017 is very disempowering for women. This is not something we would expect to see if Hillary Clinton won. In 2018 the planets change positions and feminine power returns.


While the 2017 economy continues to cruise along, at end of 2017 expect a gradual slowdown, and 2018 will be more problematic. No matter what party was in political control this will happen, because it is the cyclic drawing and consolidation of Jupiter and Saturn's twenty year cycle. People become more conservative in their spending and consolidate their resources. How much it impacts society depends to a certain extent upon how well those entities that have leverage over the economy wield it. In truth, this winding down should have been further along by now, but the big financial powers have been goosing the economy with bail outs, and poor regulation (Only 15% of the stock market profits are tied to actual commodities, most of it just trading money back and forth and that doesn't produce real value), so when the slow down happens it will probably be very difficult. All we can hope is that they have good astrologers.

With this economic winding down there is the increase of people having shared, compassionate  beliefs and a greater in interest in natural healing. Communities will be coming together to deal with these changing conditions.

While the Russians may make some gains in 2017, expect that in 2018 they may be in for a fall. Europe will also be doing a little poorly in 2017 due to the need to reallocate resources. The real beneficiary of the wacky years, 17 and 18, are China, Japan and eastern Asia, and to a lesser extent the rest of the Pacific Rim.

In 2018 while the east coast (Washington DC) is disrupted and tied up legal fights, the west coast, thanks to its location on the Pacific rim is doing pretty well.  There is a growing focus in 2018 on spiritual and planetary healing and a continuing focus on the health of the ocean.  

By 2019 a difficult, conservative agenda will be pushed in the USA while the economy coincidentally slows down. This is especially on the east coast and it may result in violent protests. Meanwhile the west coast's experience is globally focused. The west coast is not immune to the rest of the country's difficulties, after all, when a fire comes through your neighborhood burns down your neighbor's houses, it affects your quality of life. It may be thanks to the high proportion of residents from other states and countries, and international connections that provides the necessary attitude and flexibility necessary to enact solutions to these difficult conditions.  

2019 seems to be the most financially problematic year coming up, but it will see the growth of significant spiritual movements, which is not surprising when people are feeling insecure. Expect that there will be a great deal of energy being expended on the health of the Eastern Pacific Ocean.    

After the crazy of 2017,18 and 19, we arrive in 2020 and find that it is a year of great compassion, but at the same time, very financially conservative. Think 'risk averse'! However, similar to 2017,  this may be a year when there is a great deal going on behind the scenes. That could be a growing underground economy. There may be serious legal issues, including with the institution of the Supreme Court.

Once again, 2020 is a better year for the west coast in the USA. It is a difficult year for the East coast.

The fundamental shift started in 2017, as denoted by the powerful Fixed Star. But now 2020 comes across calmer, because so much of the craziness and anger has been blown out in 2019.

2020 is one those years when all you need is love, and on the West Coast it will be especially entrepreneurial, supporting global education, and the transformation of infrastructure of all technological types.

By 2021 the legal issues that have raged since 2017 have finally calmed down, but in part that is because, thanks to the Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn, the economy will be either slow, or at a standstill.

This is a significant global reset, but under the surface will be a sense of anticipation and power. After both Jupiter and Saturn spend quite a bit of time in conservative Capricorn, when they finally make an exact conjunction it is at the first degree of Aquarius. This is reset about how the global society operates and Aquarius is about disruption for transformation.

By 2021 the USA will finally be getting back on its feet after being knocked around a bit, and spending way too much time self-obsessed. How the other hand the USA will be getting a sense of it true power and how that fits into global society.

In 2021 at the CNY Neptune is over Washington DC and that is a planet of the big vision, belief, and of course the ocean. When considering America's place on the planet you always need to remember that its main borders are oceans, offering a security which few countries enjoy. It also possesses a remarkable number of navigable rivers, compared to the rest of the world. It may be that Neptune over head means that Washington DC is  spending a great deal of time and fortune dealing with rising sea levels along those heavily built up waterways.  

The West Coast and the Pacific Rim take a different route, creating a vision related to compassion, brilliance, feeding the population, and an environmental mission related to the Ocean.

Over the Atlantic is Uranus and Mars in Taurus, which is a potentially disruptive vote for the future of the environment.

When in 2020 the USA comes home to itself, it’s not about being a global power. It's about creating a sense of itself, and a need for well being and health, very much a new starting point. It is China and Asia that are the big players in 21 and 22.

In conclusion, this reset that started in 2017 is the first big global shift related to the USA’s mission since the Bretton Woods agreement in 1945. So many times when people complain about America being the cop for the world, and the necessity for a huge military budget, they don't realize that was the agreement made at Breton Woods, and it allowed the USA to impose its ideals over much of the planet in the process. In return, countries didn't have to bear the huge expense of building their own navies. It was the beginning of globalization.  By the time we come to 2022 America will have a very different sense of itself in relationship to the world, and globally we expect a major shift towards Asia. Expect the global community to be more chaotic, but very connected via technology and a desire for positive, humanistic change.     Copyright 2017 Ralph & Lahni De Amicis