January Forecast by Ralph & Lahni De Amicis from Planetary Calendar

Ambitious Capricorn says “I Achieve”

The Full Moon: January begins feeling emotionally ‘complicated’, amid the Eclipse cycle started on the previous
Christmas until (C) the Lunar Eclipse on the 10th. Allow time for introspection because Saturn’s compressive, emotion
denying nature overpowers the nurturing Cancer Moon, events feel out of control, but personal connections are a
safe haven. Don’t worry, the grownups are back in charge!

(J) The New Moon on the 24th marks the Chinese New Year of the Metal Rat, heralding an early Spring.
Saturn is strong, but Aquarius uses power for the collective compassionately, if impersonally. By the Aquarius Sun-Leo Full Moon on February 8th Saturn loses leverage, restoring optimism in serious situations.
Days to watch. (A) The 3rd Mars enters cheerful Sagittarius; talk a walk, stretch those legs. (B) The White Circle Day on the 5th , have a friendly lunch for planning practical, enjoyable projects; gardening, home improvements, music.

The 6th is Three Kings Day, aka ‘Astrologers Day’. (D) The Mercury, Pluto, Saturn conjunction on the 12th is a time for serious talks. (E) Venus enters dreamy, compassionate Pisces on the 13th opening romantic, visionary and artistic doors. (F) The 15th brings brilliance but be careful driving. (G) The 16th Mercury enters Exalted Aquarius gaining leverage.
(H) The Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th. (I) The White Circle Day on the 23rd with Venus Sextile Jupiter creates a wonderful harmony for the Chinese New Year infusing the year ahead. (K) On the 26th, Venus Square Mars; discuss balancing work and fun in the ‘Year of the Rat’.

See the Terrestrial House Chart on Page 16

January 10th Full Moon Meditation: Consider your contributions and the acclaim you desire. Bring these into alignment with your personal motivations. Blend: Pine with Bergamot, Place in Sections 4 & 10.

January 24th New Moon Meditation: Are you a change agent? Are your actions expressing optimism? Encouraging synergy between your male and female sides improves your relationships. Single oils: Peppermint, Pine or Ginger. Place in Section 11.

January Sun Sign Forecasts

Full Moon: Career progresses with travel opportunities. Spend money on your home. New Moon: Socialize with colleagues & friends, be brilliant & outspoken.

Full Moon: Plan this year’s career goals. Wise advice is offered, listen. Socializing can be profitable. New Moon: Pursuing compassionate action yields new friends.

Full Moon: Leverage your experience in shared projects. Outspoken partners spot what you miss. New Moon: Pursue new beliefs & technology. Workplace romances reveal deeper beliefs.

Full Moon: When opposed, step up, speak out. Learn a new skill to improve your future. New Moon: When facing chaos seek a spiritual ally & path.

Full Moon: Focus on health & empowerment; exciting new partnerships appear. New Moon: Beware legal issues. Possible career changes. Add magnesium to diet.

Full Moon: Be practical yet creative. Entertain generously at home.
New Moon: Start a new, better diet. Plan a romantic tryst.

Full Moon: Home & family weigh you down. Watch comedies to lighten up. New Moon: Be a social butterfly. Be outspoken & helpfully compassionate.

Full Moon: Be careful with your words, people take you seriously. Be kind at home. New Moon: Clean house, get new stuff, clear the air!

Full Moon: Put your finances in order & plan your future. Connect with electronic friends. New Moon: Be brave, optimistic & stir up new ideas.

Full Moon: So much to do, so little time. Pace yourself. Change banks? New Moon: Learn love songs, sing them to someone special.

Full Moon: To sleep better, clear your bedroom of negative memories. New Moon: Feel empowered, brilliant & financially hopeful. Engage friends & associates.

Full Moon: Social demands are taxing but productive. Share your feelings. New Moon: Feeling indulgent? Enjoy! Keep electronics off the bed for good dreaming.