In this episode Naturopaths and Master Herbalists explain some of the secrets of getting that restorative of experiences, a good night's sleep. The 28:30 minute episode goes into detail without going too far into the tech-speak of health.

Most people are clueless about what modern, top flight astrologers do. In this episode Drs. Ralph & Lahni de Amicis, professional astrologers for over 40 years describe how modern astrologers work today. They are the authors of the Planetary Calendar which is used in a show of that name.

In this episode Drs. Ralph and Lahni share essential information about the physical causes of depression and the safe and natural ways to alleviate it using diet, herbs and supplements.

An important step in any serious program for rebuilding your health always includes getting the junk out. The more gently you do it often the better long term results it will yield. Drs. Ralph & Lahni explain the five steps to cleansing and how each one builds on the good results of the previous steps.

It is well known that certain natural products slow down the aging the process and keep the body performing to its higher potential. Here Drs. Ralph & Lahni de Amicis talk about products that they have seen to be powerful anti-aging tools.

This episode with Drs Ralph & Lahni explains the ground rules for using herbs for healing purposes. Most people do not use enough herbs for long enough so they don't get the results they desire. With over 40 years as herbalists Ralph & Lahni know how to get the best results.

Drs. Ralph & Lahni live in Napa CA, also known as Wine Country, which is farm country with really good restaurants. People's willingness to live here has to do with how well they deal with allergies, between the abundant pollen, dust, and yeast that is part of this region. In this episode they offer some great solutions for those suffering from allergies.

Ask Ralph & Lahni Season Two

Natural health may seem complicated, but luckily it is also very effective and safe, and once you learn how to solve a problem you can improve your life for years into the future. Ralph & Lahni de Amicis, Naturopathic Physicians, Master Herbalists and Environmental Healers present this show from their home in Napa, California where they answer questions suggested to them by clients, friends and family. If you have a question you would like addressed on a show please send it via the feedback form on the home page. 

People often don't know where to start in restoring their health so in this episode Drs. Ralph & Lahni de Amicis share three of Ralph's favorite healthy habits that don't cost much and yet yield a higher level of health.