About Drs. Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis

We started creating 'self help' materials in the last millennium for our work shops, including handouts, manuals and audios. Those evolved into books, videos and software. While we've been prolific producers the most entertaining aspect of our work is the diversity of topics that we cover and the media that we publish in.  For many years we did a great deal of traveling, creating two certificate program franchises, one in Feng Shui and Ergonomic Design and another for Master Herbalists, with an extensive business component, in the process producing several book series. Out of our interest in how people work in their environments we created our current Dream Desk Series, and from our interest in herbs and nutrition we continue to expand our 10 Minute Herbalist Series. Now about the wine tourism and travel books.....!  

After being based in Philadelphia for twelve years we were visiting San Francisco for a convention and went to the Napa & Sonoma Wine Country for a short vacation. As we drove up Broadway to the historic Sonoma Plaza we realized that we could live there very happily. Eighteen months later we had moved our offices and were now traveling to our speaking work from the west coast.

We became interested in the history of the winery buildings, many of which were built in the late 1800's, and started working on a book about how they influenced the region. To do the research Ralph got a part time job driving tours. By the time the book was finished we had started Amicis Tours. That started a new book series, The Amicis Winery Guides, which at this time has ten books and two very popular apps. That research led in part to our first television show.

While we had been involved in various video projects with other publishers, the apps gave us the chance to produce a multitude of short videos for showing off and locating often difficult to find wineries. As our skill set improved we became more ambitious leading to us producing two television programs on Napa Valley Television; 'Wine Country @ Work', and 'Ask Ralph & Lahni' about health and well being. The 'Planetary Calendar' show came out of desire to share the information in this long published (60 plus year) almanac. It never hurts to know what the stars are up to!

Besides that we have a large, happy family with lots of kids and grandkids which is only right for two people born in the year of the Rabbit.

You can contact us through the form or by calling us at 707-235-2648 Pacific Time Email: Ralph@SpaceAndTime.com