Planetary Calendar Forecast

April 2017

This is a month of changes; four planets changing directions, five entering new signs, so it's fitting that it starts with the 'Fool's Day', symbolized by the first card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. This makes the month feel unsettled; you think you're in the groove when something bumps you onto another track. Keep your wits about you and make sure no one is coming from the other direction.  (*A) On the 2nd Venus Retrogrades into Pisces, her exaltation Sign so romance is in the air. (*D) Venus turns Direct on the 15th and those thoughts take flight. (*B) On the 5th Saturn turns Retrograde, so with the two main financial engines, Saturn and Jupiter back stepping, expect currencies and real estate prices to be suppressed in the coming months. Whatever nuts you stashed for the Winter, don't be too quick digging them out and gobbling them up.

(*C) As an additional smack to the economic jaw on the 9th, Mercury turns Retrograde in plodding Taurus, so the communication systems are slow and touchy. Oil all of your hinges and locks and clean out entryways and hallways. Mercury rules nervous systems, communications and local movement so when our personal environment is squeaky and obstructed it negatively affects our ability to think.

(*E) From the 19th through the 21st expect bumps in the road as the Sun enters Taurus, Mercury Retrogrades into Aries and Mars enters Gemini while Pluto turns Retrograde. (*F) By the bossy New Moon on the 26th all that will settle down. (*G) On the 28th Venus wistfully leaves romantic Pisces for feisty, independent Aries, where she stays until June in the company of the Warrior Princess Pallas Athena so girls rule!

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