The mind is a powerful healing tool that needs to be fed with good nutrition and good experiences. This episode explores to maintain this tool and how to use it.

Calories = Energy so you have to watch out when you cut those little guys. It is the nature of the calories that matter and in this episode Ralph & Lahni explain how the body uses energy and how to use it most efficiently. 

 This episode starts off with healing the knees but then it takes off into all kinds of joint issues using herbs and supplements, both traditional and modern, including some wonderful combination plans. 

 A secret to good health is maintaining the proper pH balance and it is not as simple as only eating vegetables because humans are more complicated than that. In this episode Drs. Ralph & Lahni explain some of the guidelines. 

Ralph has been working with essential oils for over forty years and he and Lahni have been teaching about them together for at least twenty of those so this episode is filled with great ideas and tips about how to use these wonderful healing tools in your daily life.

Being pain free on a budget is not hard if you understand which foods calm inflammation and which foods cause it. This episode talks about which are which and herbs and supplements, as well environmental factors in being pain free.

This is such a tricky problem because it comes from an overall attack on the system caused by both environmental and diet mistakes. In this episode they plot out a path to help people reclaim their health.

In health how much is what you do and how much is who you are? They key is to recognize where your strengths and weaknesses are and how to address those through diet, herbs and supplements, exercise and environmental choices. That's what Ralph & Lahni discuss in this episode.

Indoor pollution is worse than outdoor pollution and understanding how and why you can use natural products in your home and work place can make all the difference in your health. Ralph & Lahni are well known experts in environmental health and they share healthful hints.

Our world has been taken over by our electronics and our body's have to deal with the onslaught of fields and frequencies they emit. How are you keeping up? Ralph & Lahni are well known experts on environmental health and they share some of their best tips in this episode.

In the first episode they explain some of the hidden factors in creating a healthy hormonal system for both women and men using diet and herbs.

Ask Ralph & Lahni Season One

Natural health may seem complicated, but luckily it is also very effective and safe, and once you learn how to solve a problem you can improve your life for years into the future. Ralph & Lahni de Amicis, Naturopathic Physicians, Master Herbalists and Environmental Healers present this show from their home in Napa, California where they answer questions suggested to them by clients, friends and family. If you have a question you would like addressed on a show please send it via the feedback form on the home page. 

These are first twelve episodes of the series that address foundation issues and answers to specific questions with some fun topics.

There are herbal secrets for healing scars both inside and outside the body. In this episode Ralph & Lahni share the herbs and techniques that have proven effective.