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Natural healing is an amazingly complex subject with many methods. For approaching 45 years we've worked with herbs and supplements, the most detailed of those arts.  While complicated, the approach is also very effective and safe, and can improve your life for years into the future. We are Ralph & Lahni de Amicis, Naturopathic Physicians, Master Herbalists and Environmental Healers, and this show came out of our classes and the questions students asked.

We've been producing AR&L since 2012 so there are many episodes. In the drop down you will a directory with links plus a Free Herbal Course, and short videos we call The Health ABC's. 

Health Episodes & Articles

The January 2018

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Pain Free on a Budget

Being pain free on a budget is not hard if you understand which foods calm inflammation and which foods cause it. This episode talks about which are which and herbs and supplements, as well environmental factors in being pain free.