About the Twelve Astrology Signs

The Astrology Minute or Ten Videos 

The study of Astrology is a lifetime pursuit for people with a serious interest in the Starry Arts. But, many people use and benefit from astrology while  possessing only a surface knowledge. We are affected by the Sun, Moon and planets all the time and we adjust to the changing conditions. When we plan events the time of sunrise and sunset are a factor. For night time events the phases of the Moon matter. It is well known in the satellite business that Mercury Retrograde messes with the signals and has to be compensated for. 

Our Planetary Calendar is designed to be accessible to those with either a basic, or advanced knowledge. You do not have to be an Astrologer to use it, you just need to be able to read. But when you do know more about how our little solar system functions, you can use this tool we call astrology in more effective ways. 

Towards that end, in the second segments of our TV show,  we add an Astrology Minute or Ten discussing various parts of the system. This is not a comprehensive astrological course. It does introduce you to some basic concepts and some pretty high brow parts of the art that we practice. They include: 

A Walk Around the Signs, the Big 12 Indicators

About Planetry Glyphs, what do they symbolize

About the Big Three Markers, Sun, Moon & Rising

About the Moon’s Motions, the fastest player

About Planetary Rulerships, who has the upper hand

About Aspects, how do the planets interact

About Retrograde Planets, when they appear to back up

About Fixed Stars, the background that planets along

About Chinese Signs, how do the relate to the Western Signs

About Calendars, we use them every day, but do we understand them?

About Using an Astro Calendar, a fine art

We hope you find these helpful and maybe illuminating!

Lahni & Ralph DeAmicis


What the Glyphs Symbolize

What Your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign Mean 

The Moon Moves Fast and What it Means

What Planet in The Chart has the Leverage

How the Planets Interact  in The Chart 

When Planets Appear to Move Backwards

The Importance of the Fixed Stars

How the Chinese Signs Relate to the West

All About Calendars

Using Astrological Calendars Effectively