Planetary Calendar Forecast

August 2017

This is an eclipse month and two Black Box days, the 7th and 21st are due to those disruptive events. The third Black Box is Mercury turning Retrograde in ruling sign of Virgo, between the eclipses, making a normally emotional time worse. Between eclipses be good to yourself and those around you. (*A) On the 2nd Uranus turns Retrograde, just when we thought that the revolutions were over Uranus goes into reruns of issues we thought were settled. (*B) The Full Moon eclipse on the 7th is a head banger with aggressive Mars conjunct the Sun, encouraged by Jupiter and justified by Saturn. Even Mercury and Venus pouring oil on the water may not be enough to stop things from boiling over. (*C) On the 10th that White Circle, ruled over by the Void of Course Pisces Moon, offers a deeply intuitive pathway to balancing out these two conflicting drives, aggressiveness or nurturing.

(*D) Mercury Retrograde in ruling sign Virgo forces the conversation inward and rains glitches down on communications, both human and technological. Everything will need to be communicated twice! Get used to it until September 5th .(*E) The New Moon Eclipse on the 21st  will be as potentially bellicose as the preceding Full Moon, but being conjunct the Royal Star Regulus, the Lion's Heart, there is great potential now to start anew from a place of heart sourced energy. (*F) On the 22nd the Sun enters Virgo, tilting all of that aggressiveness to practical, ambitious tasks. (*G) Expect turbulence on the 25th and 26th as Venus enters 'Love me Love me' Leo, Saturn turns direct in fiery Sagittarius and the Sun conjuncts Mercury, momentarily overloading the circuits. (*H) On the 31st Mercury backs into Leo so it's a good time to watch those old, romantic comedies with a box of tissues.  

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