The Creating Clarity Speech

 The Secret of Living Clutter Free  


A 50 Minute Multimedia Presentation or Two Hour Workshop

For audiences who have to, or want to transform chaotic areas into productive spaces.

Audiences leave understanding the simple and direct dynamics that create clutter or chaos!

What do you do when the work space seems like a magnet for clutter? Who do you blame? And how do you fix it once and for all without resorting to a gas can and a match? These are uncomfortable questions but there is a simple solution that doesn’t end with a visit from the fire truck. This talk explains the three physical changes that make the space clutter proof.

They work by using ergonomics and kinesiology to reprogram the automatic, physical responses of everyone who enters the space. These three actions are simple, so much of this interactive, entertaining talk is spent convincing your conscious mind about automatic reactions that your Limbic brain and body already know about and the fact when you feel courageous you don’t accumulate clutter. The talk includes visual aids and a helpful handout.

Lahni & Ralph de Amicis

Napa, California

Contact Ralph & Lahni at 

707-235-2648 Pacific Time