Strategic Ergonomics For Team Engagement


A 50 Minute Multimedia Presentation, a Two Hour Multimedia Workshop

For Groups Who Work in Teams

Audiences leave with an understanding about how to shape their workspace to improve their performance!

Businesses that improve team engagement see morale rise, customer service improve, and coincidentally their profits triple. Strategic Ergonomics looks at how improving the team's physical positioning can help the them work together most comfortably and effectively.

There is an entire generation of workers that never learned this skill because they spent their careers inside cubicles. People forget that cubicles were designed for the sake of installing computers with dim screens and thick expensive cables, not for the comfort of the people working on them. 

Cubicles made people feel isolated, which led naturally to people working remotely from home. Bright screens and wireless computers resulted in the dissolution of the cubicle and now managers are recognizing that the most creative work happens in places where people can see each other. 

People like seeing each other, and that interaction stimulates creativity and activity. But a team office is not a crowd, there needs to be a hierarchy that supports the teams talents and culture. This Strategic Ergonomic presentation is for organization pivoting away from cubicles and establishing structures for working together. It is an energized, interactive talk with numerous visual aids.


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