The ABC's of Good Health

with Drs. Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis MH's ND's

These 10 Minute Hints cover specific problems and their solutions quickly and directly. They are based on years of experience and plenty of studies, and only use non-toxic, safe herbs and supplements. They were created to be put on a DVD and handed to people after Ralph & Lahni explained the solution. The problem is that as easy as the problem may be to solve people rarely remember what they hear the first time.  With the DVD in hand they can pop it into their computer and hear the info enough times that it sinks in, and they can use that information to take action.

The Hints are listed A, B, C, etc. At this time we are up to M,  but there are more issues to address. For more in depth infomation visit the Paleo Herbalist Course page where you will find the full length episodes and chapters. Many times what people need to know to solve their problem is pretty simple and only takes 10 minutes to explain. The * indicates an episode included in our Wine Lover's DVD.

These Short Videos are below on this page. The list includes:






 Hint B: Women's Health.  Progesterone cream from Wild Yam is one of the most valuable and reasonable supplements for women, addressing a wide variety of common issues through feeding the hormonal system. The modern American diet starves this system of its most primary nutrients, the pre-cursors to the hormone that keeps women lean, confident and healthy. This explanation of what natural progesterone does and how to use it features our Nature's Sunshine Products Pro-G-Yam cream. Listen to the list of symptoms at the beginning and see if you find yourself there. WATCH the longer Hormonal Harmony episode and READ THE ARTICLE HERE!



G-Calming the Nerves

 H-Catnip-Quieting the Mind

*I-Joy of Taste

*J-Motion Sickness

 Hint C: Preventing Cancer.  Like most diseases cancer is much easier to prevent than it is to get rid of. Luckily there are foods and herbs that are known to protect the body from these kinds of mutations. The body has powerful defenses, systems that keep it healthy and maintain its boundaries, and when those systems are weak it is prone to problems like cancer. The key is to keep those defenses strong by feeding them.


 Hint F: Preventing Alzheimer's This problem has been called Type Three Diabetes for a reason. The 150 pounds of sugar that the average person consumes yearly causes inflammation, acidity and promotes dangerous pathogens out to attack that body. This problem was unheard of 200 years ago when a person ate fifteen pounds of sugar a year. But. there is  much more to know so watch the video.

 Hint D: Relieving Allergies.  This is pretty self-explanatory, because natural solutions for allergies are widely available and perfectly safe, without side effects. Living in Wine Country surrounded by growing areas this is a big issu so we have explored the subject more than we ever intended WATCH the longer episode and READ THE ARTICLE HERE!

 Hint A: Magnesium is one of America's biggest deficiency. What can it do for you! People arrive here in Wine Country on airplanes and get into our tour cars with their cell phones in their hands. All three of these components create powerful, and potentially toxic electromagnetic fields that consume the body's reserve of the all important mineral, Magnesium. When we describe the symptoms that a deficiency produces, you will probably recognize your own issues in that mix. And you will probably want to run right out and get some! We also include a guide for how to use it most effectively and comfortably.  

 Hint E: The Herb Business Some people like the subject of herbal healing that they want to make a business out of it. That's a calling! Sometimes they also need the financial relief that having your own business provides. If that sunds like you watch this video and then contact Ralph & Lahni @  

 Hint G: Calming the Nerves One of  the most popular uses for herbs these days is dealing with the effects of stress. The term "calming herbs" must be one of the popular phrases used in the field. Well, here are some of those, and how to use them to deal the stresses of daily modern life.

 Hint H: Catnip, Quieting the Mind Most people only think of this herb related to their favorite felines, but it has wonderful qualities, including encouraging sleep and turning off that endless rotating, obsessive series of thoughts that invade one's mind in the middle of the night, and sometimes day. So watch and learn about this wonderful herb.

 Hint I: Preserving the Joy of Taste Like other senses our ability of enjoy fragrances and flavors is dependent upon the nervous system, and there are particular herbs and nutrients that keep those two wonderful senses acute and working to their best potential. If your work depends on these two senses this is especially important.  Watch and learn. 

 Hint J: Preventing Motion Sickness Certain personality types are subject to this problem, and it is due to them using up nutrients that are essential to keeping certain systems strong. When you  get rid of this problem the side effect is that you make the body stronger overall, preventing other potentially more problematic issues. Watch and learn.

 Hint K: Eliminating & Preventing Stones Various types of stones and related clumps can show up in various parts of the body and they are never a good thing, except as a wake up call. There are long time, well trusted herbs that help clear them out of the body and nutritional strategies that prevent them and help the body clear them out.

 Hint L: Trimming Belly Fat Short Cuts Of all the places fat builds up this is the one we notice the most. But is also where we see progress first when we make progress. Here are some nutritional tricks that speed that process up while making you feel better, more energized and trimmer. Watch the Psychology of Weight Loss episode and Healing HERE 

 Hint M: Wine Lover's Herbs Wine has a long history as a healing part of our diets. But today's wine are much stronger than in the past and people who drink wine daily sometimes need certain nutrients to deal with the hight acid, alcohol and tannin levels. So here are some tips.

 Hint N: Irritable Bowel Solutions. This is al ook at why this problem has become so prevalent and what herbs will help resolve the problem and strengthen the digestive system.  

 Hint O: Reversing Anxiety & Depression. This offers both dietary and herbal strategies that helps the brain get what it needs to feel good. 

Lahni & Ralph DeAmicis Speakers Television Producers

K-Stone Elimination

L-Trim Belly Short Cuts

*M-Wine Lovers Health

 N- Irritable Bowel Solutions

O- Improving Joints