The 10 Minute Herbalist

How much time do you want to take daily to be healthy? How much time do you want to spend learning what you need to know to protect your good health? How much spare time do you have between work, family, friends and technology? When we ask most people these questions the amount of time they can allocate is shockingly small! It's not that they don't want to be healthy. It's not that they don't want to learn. It's that people's time is often consumed with their complex lives and there isn't a lot left to spend on themselves. Those are exactly the type of very involved people that can least spare the time to be sick. They needs to be healthy in self-defense.

It does not take a lot of knowledge to stay healthy, but it takes the correct knowledge. That's why we created the original 10 Minute Herbalist. This collection of short chapters doesn't waste time convincing you to be healthy. That you want to be healthy and are looking for a natural approach is taken as a given. So, these chapters get right to the point with solutions that help resolve many of today's most persistent health problems.

It starts with a primer on good diet (hint: it is not vegetarian and fast foods need not apply) to the keys for avoiding cancer, from the best asthma solutions to the secrets for keeping children healthy. Of course it looks at that most popular subject, hormonal health for both the sexes. It also reveals the troublesome environmental dangers that sneak up and bite so many people when they least expect it. But, when you know the solution the power of change is in your hands.

The original 2004 edition has been updated for 2013 and offered now in a digital format which is easier to read, love those font controls. This is based on over forty years of practical experience from Drs. Ralph & Lahni de Amicis, modern Herbalists, who have many spent years helping clients address diverse challenges that are both historical and unique to our modern world.

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Good Health is Easy, It's Being Sick That's Rough

Extensively revised for the 2014 edition. These eight chapters offer a deep understanding of important components in the natural healing process from two Master Herbalists. It includes

Chapter 1: Jokes & Conspiracies, which looks at the absurd path that modern food science has taken resulting in a bizarre proportion of Americans being sick and overweight, where drug and hospital care has become one of society's largest expenses and liabilities. Chapter

2: Better Out Then In, details the detoxifying process, step by step through the important body systems as a way to get the body back on a clean and healthy foundation where true rebuilding can begin.

Chapter 3: Understanding pH, The Measure of Health, explains the importance of acid and alkaline foods in how they contribute to the long term well being of the body at the cellular level.

Chapter 4: Lahni’s Insights About Blood Type & Diet, explores how evolutionary diversions have resulted in individuals either being helped or hurt by certain foods. This chapter offers clear guideposts for selecting a diet that works best for you.

Chapter 5: What’s Good Health Worth? This is an interesting exercise where we look at the cost of natural therapies, which invariably cost so much less than the drug approach that only goes after the symptoms rather than deep healing.

Chapter 6: Herbs for Venus & Mars, looks at the natural plants and supplements that fortify the hormonal systems of both women and men. In comparison,

Chapter 7: Hormonal Harmony, is all about the girls. It looks at herbal products that help girls and women enjoy a hormonally healthy life no matter what their age. Finally,

Chapter 8: Muscle Testing & Your Environment, gives a pretty thorough course on kinesiology, also known as muscle testing which is a very dependable method for determining what your body considers helpful or dangerous. Then it looks beyond the limits of the body at how the surrounding environment impacts or supports your well being and how you can use muscle testing to measure the effectiveness of your home and workplace.

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A Year of Healthful Hints,

Ideas for Living a Healthy Life

This wonderful collection of short chapters is a year's worth of practical, helpful ideas about how to be healthy in a modern world. It started out as Lahni's Healthful Hints, a weekly email that she sends to interested readers including members of our Nature's Sunshine Products community. Over the years of sending these hints she has revised materials, added new ones, changed content based on reader feedback, and in all ways gradually improved them.

This interactive editing process has produced chapters that are to the point, easy to understand, effective natural solutions for the kinds of health problems that people are dealing with in these stressful times. Because the book was written primarily by Lahni de Amicis, Master Herbalist and Naturopathic Physician, mother, grandmother and of course teacher, the book has a distinctly feminine approach, caring, entertaining and insightful.

The seventy chapters are grouped according to the season of the year they best relate to, with a bonus Extra section. As you read through the year you will go from a primer on good diet to the keys for avoiding cancer, from the best asthma solutions to the secrets for keeping children healthy, summertime secrets for beating the heat and winter time secrets for staying cozy and healthy. Each chapter addresses the issues with practical advice while including plenty of Lahni's signature sense of humor.

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6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
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192 pages
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The Paleo Herbalist,

Having Brunch In The Garden of Eden

When we put this mini-book together we did not set out to create a comprehensive guide to the Paleo Diet; there are already great books like that from leaders in the field. Instead we wanted to share our personal experiences with this approach, and explain how we integrate it with our work as herbalists. We often teach about the importance of the body's internal environment, the condition of the blood and the toxic/acid load carried in the internal sea that flows between the cells. The Paleo Diet creates a clean environment where herbs and supplements can perform to their highest potential as they help the body's healing process.

When someone loses their health or happiness an almost instinctive reaction is to look back and say, "Where did I lose it? When did I last have it?" The 'back to nature' movement, which has been present since the beginning of the industrial revolution, represents an ongoing search for the simplest, most natural life, with the quite justified belief that good health resides there. So often we project this desire on the outside world, seeking out remote locations untouched by the modern world. But maybe we, as a society, should be looking closer to home for our discontent, at the foods with which we create our bodies.

The Paleo Diet is the nutritional culmination of that search. Why isn't our society moving in this direction en masse? Because the mega-food and drug companies that have carpeted the plains with grains and beans, and polluted out water systems with the residue of drugs, are huge advertisers, so the media points potential customers where their clients want them to go, a diet of grains, beans, dairy and sugar, resulting in therapies that include drugs, surgeries and radiation.

That is not the only way to go and the fact that you are studying the Paleo Diet means that you are seeking this knowledge out on your own imitative. As you restore your health and vitality and it is due to your own intelligence and courage, and of course, the friends you have made along the way. Remember to share this knowledge and create a circle of health around yourself. Good Health to You!

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6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
156 pages
Cuore Libre Publishing
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