Strategic Ergonomics For The Home Office


A 50 Minute Multimedia Presentation, a Two Hour Multimedia Workshop

For Groups Who Work in Home Based Offices

Audiences leave with an understanding about how to shape their home office into an effective, empowering work space!

Strategic Ergonomics is vital for the home based workplace. It is a manageable set of dependable tools for creating goal-focused environments that help people perform to their highest potential, with a solid sense of satisfaction. That emotional reward is essential for people working outside of the support of a team office. 

This matters because most people only have a rudimentary idea about how to make an office arrangement work well. In their home they will use the furniture at hand, fitting it into the space available, without considering how that affects them. Or, they may duplicate a work space from a previous job, but who says that served them well? Home based work often appeals to people because they believe they will be able to work 'better', and they can, if their surroundings promote their unique talents. 

The reason most people do not command this skill is simple, from their first day of school they were told where to sit and work. At their first job their boss told them where to work and what direction to face. Their personal preferences were rarely part of the equation.

The one place they were consistently taught the importance of their position and that their unique talents matter, at least to the coach, was on the sports field. But then they went back inside and sat where they were told. Now they find themselves working in a home office with little experience about how to shape that space so it helps them work to their fullest potential. With the correct tools they can create that goal focused work space.

More than most of the Strategic Ergonomic talks, this one helps people recognize and use the shapes, colors and directions that support their personalities, talents and motivation. The more they use that knowledge the faster they will reach their goals. In a fun addition, this talk also looks at people who make their offices in coffee shops, etc., and how to use their preferences to get the best results.

This Strategic Ergonomic presentation uses questions from our book the Dream Desk Quiz. With this the audience recognizes their unique environmental personalities so they can be effective in every work space. It is an entertaining, interactive, engaging talk with numerous visual aids. The audience leaves with a manageable set of solid tools to apply when they get back to their home business that will help them be more enthused and connected. Watch our Strategic Ergonomics videos.


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