Here is a list of the Special Features that are part of the Planetary Calendar and following that are  a series of How To Videos for getting the most out of the them. 

Tip #1, Understanding the Moon's Motion

Tip #2, Understanding the Forecast

Tip #3, Understanding the Glyphs

Tip #4, Understanding the Ephemeris

Tip #5, Using White Circle & Black Box  Days

  •  When Drs. Ralph and Lahni DeAmicis took over as the astrologers in 2002, they began making the calendar even more user-friendly.
  • Their newer features include:
  • Changing the calculations to Pacific Time
  • Adding the popular monthly forecast
  • Footnotes to connect the forecast to the days
  • Daily notations of planetary sign changes
  • Planetary direction changes (retrograde and direct) 
  • Improvements  in the educational text
  • They also began producing the nationally broadcast TV Show, ‘Planetary Calendar’ in 2014 that expands on the calendar’s forecast.
  • They continue to produce additional videos with tips on how to better use the calendar.
  • In 2017 they added the Planetary Calendar as an imprint to their own publishing company, Cuore Libre Publishing, a part of the Space and Time Group.

The How To Videos for the Calendar