The Joys of Wine Country

Visiting Wine Country is like visiting a foreign land, one with great food and wine and gorgeous scenery, but where the inhabitants speak a different language and have an longer perspective. Some of the words seem similar, but the customs are so different and that's because everything that matters in Wine Country is built on long timelines and around natural cycles.

To city and suburb dwellers who measure time by clock and  calendar, rather than the quality of light and the smell in the air, this is an exotic place. And yet, for most people coming to Wine Country is like visiting an ancestral home, a place buried deep in their genetic memory from when most people lived on the land, and based their night time travels on the phases of Moon.

It's well known that wine tastes better at the winery, especially when accompanied by a good story about how it got into the bottle. In their work as wine tour guides Ralph and Lahni have visited a multitude of wineries and heard thousands of stories, and they weave the best together for their talks.

They demonstrate the art of wine tasting, explaining why each region grows particular grapes, why the wines are poured in a specific order, and how to use the glass, palate and nose to have the most enjoyable, and educational experience. They also explain how to taste wine all day and still remember where you went in the morning.

Napa and Sonoma are the world's two top wine destinations, the crown jewels of California's wine culture. Visiting there is a wonderful opportunity to expand your palate's library of flavors, and your overall knowledge of this art that has been part of western culture since before the Romans. Having a good introduction and some helpful hints greatly enhances this experience.

The talk is accompanied by a video presentation about this beautiful region, which is not surprising since Ralph & Lahni produce the TV show Wine Country @ Work, and have a wealth of local video. The talk can also include copies of their tour books, Napa Navigator, or Napa & Sonoma, A Love Affair in Maps. It can also include wine.

Another option is to have one of them do the presentation for your group the day before the tour and then accompany the group the next as their Step On Guide. Contact us for more information.

To arrange a speech Contact: Ralph & Lahni De Amicis Napa California

707-235-2648 Pacific Time

These talks greatly enhance a group's Wine Country experience sharing insider secrets for creating a spectacular visit. With a video of beautiful vineyards and wineries running in the background, top local guides, Ralph or Lahni DeAmicis reveal Napa and Sonoma's colorful history from their roots in Europe's vineyards to their place as world famous wine destinations.

They put wine glasses in participant's hands and demonstrate the fun, yet mysterious seeming tasting room techniques that expand their enjoyment and sensory understanding. They include the tricks for tasting wine all day and still remembering where you went the next morning. CLICK HERE

Some of our gift books for the participants