Planetary Calendar Forecast

July 2017

This month flies by thanks to a quick Mercury and a fast Venus, and most of the personal planets Direct with no planets changing direction. (*A) On the 4th Venus enters flirty, playful Gemini. (*B) On the 5th Mercury enters dramatic, sweet-talking Leo, (*C) just in time for the Full Moon on the 8th, so Summer romances are off to a good start. Beware! That Full Moon combines secrecy, passion, ambition and the desire to trade up. One possibility is an optimistic future together and the other is legal entanglements, so tread carefully.

From the 9th through the 15th is a string of pleasant aspects, (*D) with the 14th being the culmination with that expressive Sun Trine Moon following the Full Moon. That Void of Course is ameliorated by Pisces being Jupiter's traditional feminine sign, making the Moon self-directed with a distinctly feminine flavor.

(*E) On the 20th Mars moves from generally introspective Cancer to Extrovert Leo so expect over-the-top turbulence, just in time for (*F) the Sun to enter Royal Leo on the 22nd. (*G) By the New Moon on the 23rd every personal planet is in Masculine Signs, with the Sun, Moon and Mars at the beginning of Leo within two degrees of each other. From this New Moon through August you may feel like you are in a stage play; the drama, the comedy, the passion, the generosity, the grand gestures and of course the music. (*H) Even Mercury entering practical Virgo on the 25th can’t tone this down as he passes over the Royal Star Regulus, the Lion's heart. (*I) On the 31st Venus enters feminine Cancer, Sextile Mercury with the Moon in watery Scorpio, chiming in with womanly perceptiveness and charm and restoring some sexual balance to the world. 

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