Planetary Calendar Forecast

June 2017

(*A) The quarter Moon on the 1st shows energy building towards that 'feel good', optimistic White Circle Day on the 3rd. Starting on the 4th three planetary ingresses, like speed bumps, stir up turbulence. (*A) On the 4th Mars moves into homey Cancer, so do home repairs and renovations. (*B) On the 5th Venus moves into flavor-loving Taurus, so go out for dinner while the kitchen is under construction. (*C) On the 6th Mercury enters Gemini. June is Gemini's month and Mercury is Gemini's planetary ruler, so it's fitting that Mercury speeds those projects up, so call contractors, Google solutions and find helpful hands, because Mercury gets tasks done fast.

(*D) The Full Moon on the 9th promises little accomplishments, not big. But thanks to Jupiter turning Direct in teamwork loving Libra, could there be expanding possibilities? While the early Spring was a celebration of the individual, as we move towards Summer our enthusiastic inclusion of other's participation is the path to success. It's not focused yet, but the possibility is there. (*E) On the 16th  Neptune turns Retrograde so pull in your intuitive sensors and seek inner pathways to find your truth, because that is the compass that will lead you safely forward.

(*F) The Summer Solstice on the 20th is a vibrant White Circle Day packed with communication and enjoyment to be spent with those you care about. (*G) The 21st sees Mercury follow the Sun into Cancer emphasizing home and family. (*H) By the New Moon on the 23rd the focus is securely with family, home, emotional and physical well being. Let the world out there bump along unnoticed, there are more important delights to be found in your kitchen, your garden and your loved ones.

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