Strategic Ergonomics for Managers


A 50 Minute Multimedia Presentation, a Two Hour Multimedia Workshop

For Groups Who Work Managing Teams

Audiences leave with an understanding about how correct team positioning improves performance!

Success all starts with a decision and when using Strategic Ergonomics, that's when managers decide where team members work, because that affects their interaction, effectiveness, creativity and ability to cooperate. It determines whether they will be mutually supportive, competitive or antagonistic. Clearly the manager's positioning strategy impacts their team's success.  Is that something that should be left to chance? Just tell the new guy to sit wherever? Of course not!

Unfortunately most managers were never taught how to shape a goal focused workplace. It's not on any business school curriculums. When you find a very successful leader that understands how this works it's because they were exposed to many different work places, and recognized how positioning made some more successful than others.

Strategic Ergonomics for Managers is a great shortcut to that success because it explains the concepts and provides the tools for boosting team performance to the next level. This is an energized, interactive, engaging  session with numerous visual aids and like many Strategic Ergonomic sessions, it seems more like a dance or sports class than a lecture. Watch our Strategic Ergonomic videos.

Lahni & Ralph de Amicis

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