Planetary Calendar Forecast

May 2017

After a tumultuous April, welcome to a thankfully smooth and very interesting May; a time for creativity and brilliance. (*A) On the 3rd Mercury turns Direct in Aries providing an igniting spark as we move towards (*B) the Full Moon on the 10th when a creative Quintile between Jupiter and Saturn and a prosperous Trine between Jupiter and Mars promote an inventive streak. While the global economy might be stalled, that pause is leading people to find innovative paths to prosperity.

This Full Moon Square between intellectually aggressive Mars, and intuitive Neptune, highlights our internal struggle between thinking our way through issues, and being open to solutions from non-logical sources. The fire Trine between Mercury in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius at the Galactic Center speaks to this same process. Great creativity and accomplishments require moving easily between the two sides of the brain, the two major dimensions of humanity, intuitive/emotional versus logical/critical. (*B) The Full Moon on the 10th speaks about this through these aspects, the inventor's process where an ease of communication facilitates turning inspiration into application.    

(*C) On the 15th Mercury enters Taurus while the Sun takes an intensely emotional path near the Star Algol and the constellation Pleiades, the Seven Sisters. (*D) Until after the 20th when the Sun enters Gemini, expect your emotional journeys to be along twisting paths overhung with worries and hopes. Do things to improve your mood and lift your expectations. (*E) On the 25th the New Moon encourages you to plant the seeds for a prosperity that has global ramifications.   

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