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About the New Pocket Size Planetary Calendar Format for 2021

The Pocket format was introduced in 1984 at the request of the one the founder's students. Rather than creating a new format they simply shrunk the calendar by 40% so it could fit in a purse. The only problem was that it was harder to read. This became more difficult when we added the forecasts, that type is very tiny.

As we began selling the 2020 edition due to various reasons the demand for the pocket version expanded and we found ourselves running out of calendars. Coincidentally, there were concerns with the ergonomics of this small format. So, before we paid for a short run of calendars to cover the shortfall, we experimented with a new design, in the process adding pages. The new version is much easier to read and still has the compact dimensions, although we added a fraction to the height and width, and doubled the thickness. But since it was pretty skinny, at 32 pages, that wasn't a problem. 

It is laid out like the Day Planner, but without the Lunation charts, the Week at a Glance pages and the additional chapter. In the 2021 version we will be adding an ephemeris to the back.