Planetary Calendar Forecast

November 2017

This is another 'get things done' month, with most planets Direct and the smallish speed bumps all in the first seven days. (*A) The Full Moon on the 3rd is marked a Black Box for general chaos, but it has some good qualities. The Sun conjunct Jupiter carries the sense that great things are possible if enough effort is expended. Venus in Libra rulership conjunct the Asteroid Vesta, at the Feminine Archetype Star Spica massively empowers women, inspiring great productivity. Meanwhile Saturn at the Galactic Center transmits a spiritual architecture for us to build with.

But Uranus opposite Venus means outbursts and personal violence, so tread lightly and speak kindly. Fortunately Venus is strongly placed so love and justice will likely prevail. (*B) Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 5th thankfully restoring people's lost sense of humor. (*C) Venus leaves idyllic Libra on the 7th for determined Scorpio, joining Jupiter, so discussions become actions. (*D) All of this creates great momentum to bring projects to fruition on the 8th with Sun Trine Moon.

(*E) On the 13th Venus conjuncts Jupiter so mix business and pleasure, networking, deferred apologies, with those who can help you in the future. (*F) The powerhouse New Moon on the 18th is an iron fist in a velvet glove, hard driving Scorpio expressed through diplomatic Mars in Libra; heal wounds, make allies, spread your vision for the future. (*G) The Sun entering Sagittarius on the 21st shifts the balance of power towards Saturn so apply the brakes a bit. Coincidentally Mercury is slowing down so relax, take a breath and advantage of this respite. (*H) On the 22ndt Neptune turns Direct supporting Jupiter with visionary inspiration so plan your next steps.   

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