Planetary Calendar Forecast

October 2017

This is a great month to get significant things done. No planets change direction (aka change their minds), all of the planets are moving Direct except Uranus and Neptune, who like being Retrograde, and Sun conjuncts Jupiter, a lucky transit as the King visits the Prince's country estate. The lovely Vesta is conjunct both the lunations, like the Vestal Virgin sitting beside the King and Queen whispering about virtue and higher purpose. Use this time wisely.

(*A) On the 5th the Full Moon finds Mars conjunct Venus so do something fun with co-workers and privately, plan a candlelit dinner with someone who matters. (*B) On the 9th the Sun Trine Moon denotes the best time to bring projects to fruition. (*C) On the 10th Jupiter (aka the big guy) moves into Scorpio, shifting us from negotiation to determination and possibly ruthless action. How intensely Jupiter plays this year depends on the changing position of Mars to whom he must defer.

(*D) On the 14th the warrior princess Venus enters Libra taking a dominant place on this chessboard. When women speak, listen! (*E) Mercury joins Jupiter in Scorpio on the 16th so projects crystallize even quicker. (*F) By the New Moon on the 19th a new paradigm for cooperative, determined, efficient action is in place. Try to keep up. (*G) On the 22nd as the Sun enters Scorpio, Mars chases Venus into Libra; good for socializing, not so for work. (*H) On the 26th the Sun conjuncts Jupiter so take the day just to feel good!

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