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The Planetary Calendar has been published since 1949 and in that time only two families have owned it. Carole Cherry rescued a number of years ago when it was about to disappear. At the time she was not an astrologer, but over the years of publishing the calendar she has become one.

This monthly forecast with Ralph and Lahni de Amicis, the authors of the calendar, offer interesting and entertaining insights about what is going on with the cosmic weather.  They are long time consulting astrologers who are well known in the areas of location, health and business consulting. You can contact Ralph & Lahni at Ralph@spaceandtime.com

Strategic Astrology
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Want to know what is coming up in the coming year or five? Watch our Chinese New Year forecast for 2017, The Year of the Yin Fire Rooster. On the same page you will find our addendums and our 2017 to 2022 forecast, a new feature for us. CLICK HERE

Never in recorded history have we known more about what goes on in the sky above us. We live in a world of communication satellites, microwaves, magnetic storms and solar winds. Astrologers have always known that the heavens above affect us, and the system of astrology has been created through empirical research by the most educated members of society over thousands of years.

Modern Srategic Astrology looks at our geopolitical environment and projects the pathway of the ongoing trends and currents that societies live within, and express.

Ralph & Lahni's astrology TV show is part forecast and part helpful education. Here we list the segments separately and you can find the forecasts for 2017 listed below.  You can order the Planetary Calendar by CLICKING HERE

Ralph & Lahni de Amicis are long time consulting astrologers who are well known in the areas of location, health and strategic business consulting. They produce shows about well being, esoterica and wine tourism. You can contact Ralph & Lahni at Ralph@spaceandtime.com

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Drs. Ralph & Lahni de Amicis

We consult with clients at our offices in Napa, via phone phone or Skype, and on onsite in the fields Astrology, Feng Shui and Herbology. Because we are result focused our consultations often combine two or all three of these fields. We have extensive business backgrounds and work frequently in location and health astrology. To contact us regarding consulting contact us at 707-235-2648 or via email at lahni@spaceandtime.com. 

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