Strategic Ergonomics for Salespeople


A 50 minute multimedia presentation, a two hour multimedia workshop

For groups who work in all kinds of sales

Audiences leave with an understanding about how to shape their workspace to improve their performance

This Strategic Ergonomics presentation works for office sales and Road Warriors equally because they deal with the same challenge; sales is one of the most difficult parts of any business because you have to coincidentally focus on your own goals while being sensitive to the customer needs. This presentation shows how to find your personal position of power where you can balance those demands and access your full array of talents and skills. 

Sales requires showing up at your best and a failure to identify and step into that position of power can explain why a sales person can suffer from inconsistent performance. This same problem happens when competitive athletes experience ups and downs, because they are dramatically impacted by how different venues affect their attitude, confidence and power.

The success or failure that people sometimes attribute to luck is often due to positioning. This is why certain musical performers prefer one venue over another, because of how the location influences their attitude and performance. Sales people experience this when they change jobs and their performance dramatically suffers or improves with a different office.

With Strategic Ergonomics we show how to create the optimal sales space and how to recognize your individual position of power so you can be consistently successful . This very engaging, physical talk uses numerous visual aids and often seems more like a dance or sport class than a lecture and it can be just as invigorating.


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