Wine Country @ Work Season One

  • This was our first season producing the series with Napa Television. Even though we had been involved with TV production  we hadn't produced our own show before so it is an interesting mix listed in reverse order. Enjoy. 

  • Ralph & Lahni de Amicis

Social Media has a big impact in the world of wine tourism, because those who love wine, and work in related businesses, love talking about wines. 

In the Napa Valley Wine Train episode we went behind the scenes and see where people work and create the magic experience.  

Unique Wineries:  Artesa, Truchard, Ceja, Monticello, Swanson, Trefethen, Viader and Kelham, narrated by Ralph DeAmicis.

Tasting 101 where Ralph, Tour Guide extraordinaire leads you through the fun steps that help you reveal the wine to your senses. 

Napa Valley winery Regusci is home to the oldest winery building in the Stags Leap district. The tasting room team deals with some interesting conditions that they share their ideas about. 

What Makes Napa Unique. Ralph de Amicis, Wine Country Tour guide explains some of the qualities that make Napa Valley such a special place, covering the location, the architecture, the history and the people.

This was our first winery episode and we thought it fitting to do it at the Alpha Omega winery. Luckily it wasn't also our last. This has some wonderful insights from the numerous interviews about how this winery grew popular so fast and continues to sustain that place in the community on multiple levels.

About Napa and Sonoma: This is the first episode that we widely distributed. Looking behind the scenes at the people in Napa and Sonoma Valley at the hospitality industry and wine making business. 

Ralph de Amicis, Wine Country Tour guide talks about Napa and Sonoma Wine Country in an early episode.