Strategic ErgoDynamics

with Drs. Lahni and Ralph DeAmicis


This interactive multi-media presentation helps teams to focus on shared goals, while promoting leadership, sales, creativity and ethics. When success is proving to be elusive Environmental Intelligence is often a missing key. Why? Because the decision makers are often right-handed men, told as children not to move the furniture!

That sounds funny but it leaves many managers as unaware of the power of workplace arrangements as 'fish are unaware of water'. That is why organizations led by lefties and women tend to be more stable and profitable. They use their Environmental Intelligence more often, making them more confident and quicker to reshape workplaces to specific goals and seek arrangements that optimize their talents.

Anybody can learn how to use Strategic Ergonomics to create long term success through promoting efficient, effective, vibrant workplaces. Drs. Ralph and Lahni learned and developed these techniques during diverse careers spending over forty years in management, sales, retail, accounting, design engineering, manufacturing, publishing, consulting, speaking, tourism and television production.

While they are experienced managers and environmental designers, they are also Naturopathic Physicians specializing in environmental health. This interest comes out of their individual challenges with environmental toxins.

After studying their way back to health, they met in 1994 in the physics lab at Princeton University while attending a conference. They fell in love and started new careers together. They have been ‘tag-team speaking’ about these solutions and related subjects since. They are authors of five design books and produce the TV show, 'Strategic Positions'.

This topic appeals to a wide variety of audiences. Speeches run 50 minutes and workshops run 120 minutes and are customized for the audience. Ralph & Lahni are based in Napa, California speaking primarily in the San Francisco Bay area. They are often available to fill in at the last minute.  

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Lahni & Ralph de Amicis

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