Planetary Calendar Forecast

September 2017

(*A) Mercury and Mars cross paths at the ‘Heart Star’ Regulus on the 3rd, setting the stage for the Full Moon on the 5th. A deeply feminine, compassionate kind of change is underway, shown through the Moon conjunct Neptune, Jupiter conjunct the Star Spica, Mars entering Virgo while Mercury turns Direct. So those pesky communication glitches will chill. (*B) On the 9th when Mercury enters his ruling sign Virgo efficiency becomes the rule. (*C) On the 12th Venus Sextile Jupiter and Trine Saturn makes the day lucky for love, and with a Gemini Moon, flirting skills are right at hand. (*D) On the 19th Venus enters Virgo at the New Moon making a Stellium of five bodies in the Virgin's sign. Meanwhile intellectual Mercury opposes mystical Neptune, so taken together, this is a powerful statement about our need to serve a mission as part of our learning path, so meditate on what your mission means to you.

(*E) The 22nd is the first day of Autumn when cooperative preparations for the Winter begin in earnest. The joy of Libra is formal partnerships; marriage, economic, or societal. Fairness is paramount so Libra is the peacemaker who doesn't shy from arguments if they lead to equitable agreements. (*F) Watch out for that Black Box Day on the 27th; cooperation is ongoing, but it's choosing up sides. In any argument make fairness your priority, even if it means not getting entirely what you want. The 27th begins three days of speed bumps. (*G) On the 28th Pluto turns Direct adding its list of rules that 'Must Be Obeyed', then (*H) Mercury enters Libra slowing down the pace of those discussions, like a weighing scale slowly finding its perfect balance.    

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