Tactical Health Speech


A 50 Minute Multimedia Presentation

For Groups Who Work in the Modern Work Place

The audience will leave with tools that will help them nutritionally cope with work place stresses!

Strategic Ergonomics produces good results because it is based on how our bodies respond to our surroundings. That includes destructive stresses created by modern work environments. Two hundred years ago seventy percent of Americans worked on farms, today that's two percent. Most people work surrounded by Alternating Electrical Current, wireless internet and out gassing building materials, none of which existed two hundred years ago and to which the body has to adapt.

There are nutrients in foods and supplements that help people deal with these modern work places. If you think "my diet is pretty good", recent statistics reveal that ninety percent of Americans are nutritionally deficient, health care is 17.8 percent of GDP, $9,990.00 for every man, woman and child, totaling $3.2 Trillion dollars annually. That's Trillion with a T. Maybe "pretty good" is relative?

Great athletes focus on their diet and supplements to fortify their systems. High functioning humans, working in these artificial environments need to fortify their systems, brain, nervous system, immunity and energy, if they want to sustain their efforts. Otherwise everything slows down when they run out of youth. Successful managers need to ask, "Is this failure to adapt adversely affecting the team's performance, creativity, courage to lead and ethical standards?". Because health affects all of those qualities!

Our talk Tactical Health explores sources for the nutrients essential for your work because it is not universal. For example, while everyone needs more Magnesium due to our wired environments, people in the wine business depend heavily on the mineral Zinc. Why? Because it supports the senses of smell and taste, the key pathways to enjoying wine.

This interactive talk uses visual aids and a quiz. We recommend scheduling this before or during lunch or dinner because the audience gets hungry. Watch our videos in nutrition.


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