Tactical Health Speech

This is part of the Strategic Ergonomics approach. It grew out of what we learned about how nutrients could dramatically help people deal with the destructive stresses created by modern work environments. In our modern work places it is easy to forget that two hundred years ago seventy percent of Americans worked on farms, and it had been that way worldwide for centuries. Today two percent of Americans work in agriculture, and most people, thanks to electricity, the internet and modern building materials, work in environments that the body has had very little chance to adapt to.

In that same period diets have changed until today, according to recent studies, ninety percent of Americans are nutritionally deficient. Health care accounts for 17.8 percent of GDP, $9,990.00 for every man, woman and child, $3.2 Trillion dollars, that's Trillion with a T.

What this tells us is that people have not adapted well to those changed working conditions. The electromagnetic fields, microwaves, artificial lighting, out gassing building materials are putting a strain on their physiology. Why should this matter to a business manager? Because they need to ask, "How much is this failure to adapt affecting their team's work performance, creativity, courage to lead and ethical standards? Because health affects all of this qualities!

Our talk Tactical Health explains what nutrients and herbs help people work to their fullest potential. It doesn't describe a complete health strategy where you would plot long term goals. Instead tactics are all about the opponents you encounter in the field and the immediate weapons you bring to bear to overcome those challenges. That is what this talk provides, information about the weapons people's bodies need to deal with the environmental dangers that the modern workplace is mined with.

For a fun example, in the wine hospitality industry Zinc is a very popular supplement. Why? Because the senses of taste and smell depend heavily on Zinc, and supplementing with it daily keeps those sense that are so important in that industry up to snuff, so to speak.

Whether a person works at a desk in front of a computer, or spends their time in airports and airplanes, in medical offices or labs, restaurants or hotels, making sales presentations, or ironing out detailed numbers and negotiations, there are always stresses that those unique environments and activities challenge the body with, sapping the body of certain nutrients. There are also foods and nutrients that replace those important tools the body uses to perform to the highest potential.

If you ever wonder what the body is capable of adapting to just watch world class athletes challenge records. They have teams of people who focus on their nutrition and supplements, and when people want to excel in their work that same diligence can help them too.

The talks are tailored to the group and the industry, explaining the challenges presented and the nutritional weapons readily available. This talk is an extension of our Strategic Ergonomics because that is based on recognizing the physiological, emotional and mental responses that environments stimulate.

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