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How the Planetary Calendar is Different from Other Astrological Calendars


IMPORTANT NOTE: This calendar has been continuously in print since 1949, and while we understand the void left by the fact the Jim Maynard has decided not to produce his calendars for 2020, this is a very different calendar in both information and function. While we have a large number of professional astrologers on our subscription list, it is more of an experiential, daily use calendar for everyone, regardless of their astrological knowledge level. It is not an ephemeris or a professional reference, however we have built a small planetary ephemeris (no asteroids) into the new Day Planner for 2020. The Calendar comes in three sizes, Large Wall, Medium Wall and Pocket, as well as a Day Planner, and there is a companion book, Planetary Calendar Astrology. Calculated for Pacific Clock time with a handy key at the bottom of each month for easy conversion.

The Day Blocks list the most important daily Astro data in a large, easy to read font, so it can be read at a glance. It works synergistically with the compact ephemeris and the two forecasts on the upper page. There are ‘How To’ videos on the website explaining these numerous functions.


The capital letters above the Moon sign are annotations to the forecast above. Links to online video forecasts help the reader augment their understanding of the current trends. The White Circles and the Black Boxes that occasionally surrounds the number note especially supportive or challenging days. An Astro Glyph to English translation block is on every month to help the novice become conversant with the astronomical symbols.


Attached to the forecasts are three components of a unique healing system that combines the themes of the New and Full Moon, a themed meditation, essential oil recommendation and a Feng Shui Placement in one of the Twelve Terrestrial Houses. This tool helps the reader when they have issues that they wish to improve in their lives. There are ‘How To’ Videos that explain more about this, as well as expanded chapters in the companion Book, Planetary Calendar Astrology.


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