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July 2018 Planetary Calendar Forecast  
with Lahni & Ralph DeAmicis

Events relax their pace as Mercury in Leo slows, getting ready to turn Retrograde on the 25th. (*A) Use the While Circle Day on the 3rd to push projects forward. (*B) On the 9th Venus enters practical Virgo making people a little more restrained about their relationships, less idealistic and more comfortable.

(*C) On the 10th Jupiter turns Direct so expect a surge in commodities and agriculture. (*D) On the 12th that Black Box Day is due to the Solar Eclipse in Cancer opposing Pluto. There are hidden, global issues at work. (*G) From the 12th until the second Eclipse on the 27th is an emotionally complex time, so adjust, process and be okay with hiding out. When you are feeling bound up or stressed out during this time, just remember, everyone is being affected by this 'between the Eclipses' event, so cut them, and yourself, some slack. The Venus Trine Saturn on the 13th is a good time to be close to your parents or reinforce that love connection.

(*E) The White Circle Day on the 22nd, when the Sun enters his ruling sign Leo, makes it easy to be charming, optimistic and move projects along. Focus on being heart driven, which makes up for (*F) Mercury turning Retrograde on the 25th, which earns a Black Box as a day to not be overly ambitious.

(*G) The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th sets off a Grand Cross in Fixed Signs that includes Mars, Uranus and by a wide aspect Jupiter. Be careful around this time. The Stars are less forgiving of aggressiveness and over enthusiasm than usual. Freak accidents and emotional outbursts that turn physical could arise.

This is the second Eclipse series of the year. It occurs in the sign of Leo, as did the one in 2017, which marched across the continental United States. Summer eclipses tend to be intense because we are outside more, connected to the natural world and emotionally open.     Read the Chinese New Year 2018 Forecast HERE

June 2018 Planetary Calendar Forecast  
with Lahni & Ralph DeAmicis

(*A & *B) From the 1st through the 3rd a series of good aspects promote whatever you want to accomplish. Be charming and energetic and resistance will melt away. (*C) But conditions change quickly. That long Void of Course ending on the 5th with the Sun Conjunct Mercury leads to (*D) the Black Box Day on the 6th which is challenging. Use that time to do the complicated, behind the scenes work.

(*E) On the 12th a fast Mercury enters Cancer, and then Leo (*L) on the 28th. That Mercurial speed makes the pace of proposals, contracts and written agreements accelerate. (*F) On the 13th the New Moon coincides with Venus entering dramatic, generous Leo. At this time it is hard to tell who is in charge, except for the underlying constriction from Saturn in practical, ambitious Capricorn. On the 14th beware of problems with relationships. (*G) On the 18th Neptune, an important financial planet, turns Retrograde adding to economic constrictions.

(*H) On the 19th the White Circle Day has an entrepreneurial face, discuss plans for the future. (*I) On the 21st the Summer Solstice arrives, normally a great time for love, but Venus Opposite Mars causes head butting between the sexes. (*J) On the 26th the Black Box Day is due to Mars turning Retrograde in Aquarius. Mars will Retrograde back into Capricorn and then turns Direct in late August. Mars doesn’t do Retrograde well. Some people find this transit very frustrating, leading to outbursts or ulcers.

(*K) The Full Moon on the 27th aligns the Moon with Saturn further compressing emotions. (*L) On the 28th Mercury enters Leo adding a flash of hope and fun to the end of the month.    Read the Chinese New Year 2018 Forecast HERE