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News from Ralph & Lahni about the calendar!

Originally published in 1949 by Louis Pigeon, Carole Cherry bought the publishing rights to Planetary Calendar in 1998. In 2003, she asked us to author this calendar and since then we have been adding new, useful features to this classic astrological calendar.

In 2005 we began doing the typesetting and then in 2009 we started including our monthly forecasts. In 2014 we began producing the TV show 'Planetary Calendar' plus short video forecasts as addendums to the printed forecasts, including the always popular Chinese New Year Global Preview.

2018 is an exciting year for us as we are now not only the astrologers behind Planetary Calendars but now we are the publishers too! We look forward to getting to know you all a bit more personally.

Today's Calendar is quite a bit different from the original from 1949, but we continue to strive for a blance hinoring the original version while bringing the calendar up to date for modern usability. 

           Ralph & Lahni De Amicis

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March 2018 Planetary Calendar Forecast  
with Lahni & Ralph DeAmicis

(*A) On the 1st we begin with a Full Moon and the Sun in Pisces Conjunct Neptune. There are global ramifications and spiritual imperatives afoot. A beautiful Trine between Exalted Venus in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio shows power expressing compassionate action. (*B & *C) On the 5th Mercury enters aggressive Aries followed by Venus on the 6th, during the expressive Sun Trine Moon, so expect turbulence that you can use to your advantage, like shaking up a stuck situation. (*D) On the 8th Jupiter turns Retrograde slowing that optimism and (*E) on the 10th that Black Box Day is a period when things feel clamped down, so coast. (*F) Because on the 11th you will have a better sense of which way things are going. (*G) On the 13th you can get a lot done but be prepared to make some deals. (*H) The New Moon on the 17th when Mars enters his Exalted sign Capricorn, as the honored guest, denotes a driven time with the Sun Conjunct both the Moon and Chiron, the Wounded Healer.       

Coincidentally, Venus Conjuncts Mercury in Aries, sharing the sign with Uranus, which is Trine a supercharged Mars and Vesta in Sagittarius. This is the time to focus on self-healing. It is okay to put yourself first sometimes. (*I) The 20th is the Vernal Equinox, the first day of Spring with the Moon nicely aspected in lovely Taurus, making for an emotionally satisfying day. But don't get complacent.

(*J) Mercury turns Retrograde on the 22nd in rambunctious Aries to throw a wrench in the works, so expect electronics and travel to get glitchy. (*K) The Black Box Day on the 24th is a day of Squares; so you can accomplish a great deal but everything is going to take more time and work. (*L) By the 26th things smooth out even if Mercury is unhelpful. (*M) On the 28th the multitude of positive aspects to the Moon and Venus, coupled with exciting Uranus, could spark love at first sight, instant friendships and sudden relationship changes. (*N) Venus enters ruling sign Taurus on the 30th so spend more time cooking and loving. (*O) The Full Moon on the 31st shows a softening of the intense drive that dominated the early part of the year, allowing some ease and time for personal passions.  Read the Chinese New Year 2018 Forecast HERE

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User Friendly Features (Original & New):

An eight page mini astrology course explains how to personalize your calendar use and we have updated this based on experience and research.

Monthly Global Forecasts: These describe the month's ebb and flow and thematic changes caused by shifting planetary relationships. Important dates are annotated in the Forecast and on the day with a capital letter (*A) above the Moon glyph. We forecasts using Whole Sign Charts, Fixed Stars and AstroCartography. The online videos offer much greater insight and are listed on the bottom of the forecast page.

The calendar is calculated for Pacific Time because our largest market is on the West Coast and its makes it so much easier.

The monthly ephemeris showing planetary motion and positions combines English and the Astronomical Glyphs for the planet and sign making it easier to comprehend.

Planets changing sign are noted at the top of the day block because these ingresses promote turbulence and are worth being forewarned about.

Planets changing direction, Retrograde or Direct, are noted in the day block on the list of aspects to the right of the Number since this also causes disruption.  

The White Circle and Black Box days note optimal and challenging days. In our forecasts we highlight which are especially productive or disruptive and why.

In the forecast the Void of Course Moon times are listed at the bottom of the day blocks and the forecast notes which are difficult and which are harmless. 

Ralph & Lahni's Planetary Calendar can help you chart your way through the year with grace and ease.

If you would like the 2018 Calendar in either Wall or Pocket version, send us an email through the form below and we will let you know when it is available. Enjoy!

           Ralph & Lahni De Amicis

Ralph & Lahni's Planetary Calendar  Episode

Chinese New Year Global Forecast for 2018
Chinese Calendar Year 4716, The Yang Earth Dog
with Lahni & Ralph DeAmicis

This global forecast is for the 2018, the Year of the Yang Earth Dog based on the chart we calculate for the Chinese New Year (CNY). This is the year's seed time, the starting point for the unfolding events between now and the CNY 2019. Like a plant is the expression of the seed, the year is an expression of that moment. The CNY is the planet's most widely celebrated festival and it is the beginning of the growing cycle in the Northern Hemisphere. In 2018 the CNY occurs at 27° Aquarius on February 15th, and it will be celebrated on the 16th, the first full day of the New Year. The forecasts vary according to the location and even in the USA from the East to the West Coast the themes change. 

The forecasts for this year have a cartoon like quality, with the lines and colors drawn broadly, obviously. It reflects what we see in international affairs and economics. The forecast reveals the emerging and retreating locations. For example, Jupiter is over Korea this year as they are hosting the Winter Olympics. It was over Brazil when they hosted the Summer Olympics.

Which planets are going to be especially strong this year? Which are going to get their way? Saturn stands out! In December Saturn entered the feminine ruling sign of Capricorn, starting a conservative, practical, ambitious agenda that we can expect for the next 2 1/2 years.

Another theme comes from Venus in Pisces, which is strong in the sign of her exultation. This is a position known for compassion, imagination, and relates to the sea and ocean. Venus, represented by the scales, has a long connection with legal issues. The sign Pisces, is the traditional feminine ruling sign of Jupiter which is also connected to advocacy, attorneys and the courts. The sign Pisces relates to the most vulnerable in our society, so we can expect legal battles related to that segment in the areas where Venus is most active, especially the USA west coast.

Mercury in Aquarius is also exalted and this speaks of a year of mental brilliance and inspiration, although it can be disruptive. This year, because Saturn is in rulership, expect that people will try to scale the heights of ambition, and when danger threatens they will seek to climb higher. So expect, especially in the innovative and communication parts of our society, a push for achievement, beyond the normal American love of success.

The strong Mercury and Venus have great leverage because they straddle the Sun and the Moon. Meanwhile Mars in Sagittarius is superheated by the asteroid Vesta. This brings an optimistic, philosophical physicality resulting to a very energetic year and there is definitely a legal theme.

While Mars and Saturn are very far south in the chart, suppressing traditional violence, Uranus stands out in the north, so we should expect the tendency towards unexpected chaos and disruption this year that Uranus is known for. Some of this will likely be climatic, but you don't need to be an astrologer to predict that. So where do we find this troublemaker? On the moment of the Chinese New Year chart Uranus sits overhead the northern coast of South America especially influencing both Colombia and Venezuela and everything along that latitude line from its position to the north pole and to the south pole. To the south it sets off Peru and Chile, and the coast. It may be that these areas will be subject to more earthquakes in the coming year, although they have been subject to so many recently that more would be no surprise.

To the north disruptive Uranus tracks over Cuba, so we should not be surprised if they experience continuing disruption and revolution this year. The line crosses Florida, which of course has suffered from environmental issues recently, Aka life changing hurricanes. And of course, as anyone who watches the news would suspect, the line continues north right through Washington DC.

So, if you were hoping for less chaos and drama out of the federal representatives and their minions this year, we think you will be disappointed. When we look at the horoscope for Washington DC on the Chinese New Year the source of the chaos becomes obvious. The concentration of planets and asteroids are all in the seventh house, related to partnerships and legal cases. A very strong Mercury is there with an asteroid connected to legal cases highlighting this tendency. Mercury also relates to the media. This chart has Leo rising, the sign of the king, but the Sun, which rules Leo is in its opposite and weakest sign, Aquarius, showing the leader's energy as weak and dropping towards the horizon. At the rising sign is the asteroid Ceres which is an indicator of a powerful feminine influence rising.

There is in a very special connection with both Venus and Saturn who are both in feminine signs. There are numerous places where we see smart women being the hidden power in events this year.

On the west coast Venus and Neptune both in strong Pisces shows that prominent women will stand out this year, as well as themes of compassion, imagination and business. Both of those planets are important money indicators. Of course this theme also relates to inebriation and the dream state and drugs, and 2018 is the year when California legalized cannabis, making the entire west coast green. This could also be very good for wine and spirits industry. This is a powerful economic factor because the Golden State is the largest producer of wine and cannabis, important cash crops. Many Californian fields and greenhouses, that have been empty due to losing market share to countries like Colombia for cut flowers and China for garlic, thanks to federal deals, are not ramping up for the green boom.

Even though the federal laws supposedly rule, California is legally (Venus) such a powerful house that we can expect the state to stand up to any challenges.

As we said Jupiter is over Korea this year, site of the winter Olympics. A similar aspect happened over Brazil the year they hosted the Summer Olympics. This positive marker shows that Japan, the Philippines and China will continue to expand in influence. Expect more cooperation among these players as they create their own gravity. China has moved from a source of cheap labor to a center of skilled labor. That Jupiter in Scorpio means that this cooperative use of power will go on behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, from Europe all the way to the Middle East the planets are on the other side of the planet, and this is a sign that these areas are coming home to themselves. This is another expression of the USA withdrawing from international engagement. These areas where American money and power have previously been a major factor are seeing this. Their reaction, for these mature cultures, is to seek their inner leadership.

Having Saturn anchoring England and Spain shows that these two countries, both with their own issues are suffering restrictions. England is dealing with the traumas of Brexit and Spain with the looming independence of the Catalan region. England has been hung out to dry since they were depending on American support to help them navigate the financial straits their decision is yielding. But the current USA  Administration has been critical of the World Trade Organization and NATO, two organizations England depends on. Saturn is seen as the planet of maturity and old age, and Spain, with its conservative Catholic approach is dealing with a major schism between the old guard, with their pensions, and the social media plugged in youth, who have suffered from high employment for many years. It makes it hard to harness wide spread support for the repressive policies that they would have to bring to bear on Catalan to get them to stay.

The headlines this year will span from the USA across the Pacific to Australia and Asia because that is where the planets are overhead. While Moscow may be pulling strings, their visibility will be less obvious. Russia, along with Egypt and Greece all risk being tripped up and taking a fall in their rush to run things. It will probably be women who are the most out spoken this year, herding society with their unique form of leadership. But that northern placed Uranus, the iconoclasts, at the latitude of Washington DC and tracking south through Central and South America that will get much of the headlines.     

Have a great year, Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis