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August 2018 Planetary Calendar Forecast  
with Lahni & Ralph DeAmicis

August’s optimism started July 31st with the Leo New Moon, bracketed by Venus and Mars. This Leo Stellium (a collection of planets in the same sign) Trine powerfully placed Jupiter in far seeing Sagittarius, further empowers a willingness to come from the heart. This is a passionate time.

(A) On the 6th is a fortunate White Circle Day with the Sun exactly Trine Jupiter providing a sense of hope and optimism. (B) On the 9th the White Circle Day has the Moon Trine Venus and Sun Trine Moon showing resistance dissolving through concerted effort and intention.

(C) On the 11th is a turbulent Black Box Day with Mercury joining the club by entering Leo, while Uranus turns Retrograde, and Jupiter, who has been empowering this Stellium, turning Direct, supercharging its effectiveness. This is a time for big hearts, compassion, romance, generosity and courage.

(D) On the 13th, Lefthander’s Day, Venus Conjuncts the Sun, so, share your inner feelings with beauty and grace. Do something pleasurable with people you care about. Venus and the Sun are Conjunct at 22 degrees, a Numerology Master Number. (E) On the 15th with Full Moon during this lovefest watch out for disagreements. Retrograde Uranus Squares Mercury in Leo, who is boxing above his weight. Stay flexible and light on your feet to avoid getting smacked. (F) On the 17th Mars enters Virgo supporting anyone who feels the need to organize.

(G) On the 20th is a very productive White Circle Day thanks to Sun Trine Moon. Real progress can be made. (H) On the 21st is another White Circle Day, with Mercury Trine Jupiter, making it a good time to contact influential people or those in far off lands. Venus enters Virgo, albeit not her strongest Sign, but Conjunct Royal Star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion. As planets Conjunct Regulus they are infused with courage and compassion, which Venus does well. (I) On the 23rd the Sun enters Virgo again activating Regulus, so expect a string of lovely days. (J) Which includes the 28th as Mercury enters Ruling Sign of Virgo, tapping into that Stellar heart generosity.

(K) By the New Moon on the 30th Mercury, Juno, Moon, Sun, Mars and Venus are in Virgo, shifting the focus from effusive Leo into practical Virgo, where creativity is applied to real world needs. 

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September 2018 Planetary Calendar Forecast  
with Lahni & Ralph DeAmicis

Last month’s Virgo New Moon Stellium on the 30th initiated September for extreme organization and efficiency. (A) The White Circle Day on the 1st encourages harmony and cooperation, while hopefully bringing order out of chaos, although there may be disruption and upset due to kids and ‘out of the blue’ events. Mercury in Ruling Sign Virgo, accompanying the Sun, carries the biggest stick, so efficient communication rules. This is a time for humble service, not ego enrichment. (B) On the 3rd the White Circle Day, with that Scorpio Moon managing the team, adds determination and ruthlessness to the mission for the best reasons.

 (C) Grandparents Day on the 8th is very plugged in, social gatherings will be lively and fun, especially family events. That Sun Opposed Neptune on the 9th sets off a chain of consciousness that could lead to inspiration or confusion. It blooms (D) on the Black Box Day on the 11th which seems disconnected, without exact aspects and a day long Void of Course Moon, in distracted Aquarius. Don’t plan to accomplish much. Ideally go to the beach or ashram where inspiration can manifest.

(E) The Black Box on Friday the 13th when Mercury moves from Virgo to Libra, encourages protracted decisions and negotiations. A cacophony of aspects obscures a clear path through. (F) On the 14th Venus entering her Ruling Sign Libra (until November 3rd) makes her ‘Queen of the Ball’, so fairness, grace, beauty and partnership become the goal.

(G) When Saturn turns Direct on the 18th following Jupiter turning Direct in August, expect returning consumer confidence and economic progress. (H) On the 19th Sun Trine Moon gets stuck projects moving. (I) On the 22nd the Autumn Equinox, when the Sun enters Libra, encourages committed partnerships and cooperation.  

(J) On the 24th the White Circle Day encourages an easy give and take among family and team members. (K) On the 28th the White Circle Day at the Libra New Moon empowers Venus cooperating with Saturn and Jupiter, making a good time to initiate serious projects requiring cooperation and shared responsibility, including a mix of generations and ranks.

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