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(9" x 7" folded, 9" x 14"open, hole for hanging)


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Drs. Ralph & Lahni de Amicis

We consult with clients at our offices in Napa, via phone phone or Skype, and on onsite in the fields Astrology, Feng Shui and Herbology. Because we are result focused our consultations often combine two or all three of these fields. We have extensive business backgrounds and work frequently in location and health astrology. To contact us regarding consulting contact us at 707-235-2648 or via email at lahni@spaceandtime.com. 

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News from Ralph & Lahni about the calendar!

Originally published in 1949 by Louis Pigeon, Carole Cherry bought the publishing rights to Planetary Calendar in 1998. In 2003, she asked us to author this calendar and since then we have been adding new, useful features to this classic astrological calendar.

In 2005 we began doing the typesetting and then in 2009 we started including our monthly forecasts. In 2014 we began producing the TV show 'Planetary Calendar' plus short video forecasts as addendums to the printed forecasts, including the always popular Chinese New Year Global Preview.

2018 is an exciting year for us as we are now not only the astrologers behind Planetary Calendars but now we are the publishers too! We look forward to getting to know you all a bit more personally.

Today's Calendar is quite a bit different from the original from 1949, but we continue to strive for a blance hinoring the original version while bringing the calendar up to date for modern usability. 

           Ralph & Lahni De Amicis

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User Friendly Features (Original & New):

An eight page mini astrology course explains how to personalize your calendar use and we have updated this based on experience and research.

Monthly Global Forecasts: These describe the month's ebb and flow and thematic changes caused by shifting planetary relationships. Important dates are annotated in the Forecast and on the day with a capital letter (*A) above the Moon glyph. We forecasts using Whole Sign Charts, Fixed Stars and AstroCartography. The online videos offer much greater insight and are listed on the bottom of the forecast page.

The calendar is calculated for Pacific Time because our largest market is on the West Coast and its makes it so much easier.

The monthly ephemeris showing planetary motion and positions combines English and the Astronomical Glyphs for the planet and sign making it easier to comprehend.

Planets changing sign are noted at the top of the day block because these ingresses promote turbulence and are worth being forewarned about.

Planets changing direction, Retrograde or Direct, are noted in the day block on the list of aspects to the right of the Number since this also causes disruption.  

The White Circle and Black Box days note optimal and challenging days. In our forecasts we highlight which are especially productive or disruptive and why.

In the forecast the Void of Course Moon times are listed at the bottom of the day blocks and the forecast notes which are difficult and which are harmless. 

Ralph & Lahni's Planetary Calendar can help you chart your way through the year with grace and ease.

If you would like the 2018 Calendar in either Wall or Pocket version, send us an email through the form below and we will let you know when it is available. Enjoy!

           Ralph & Lahni De Amicis

October  2017 Planetary Calendar Forecast  with Lahni & Ralph DeAmicis
28:30 Minutes Running Time

Watch the other forecasts at   https://youtu.be/x2_RJM-Iibw

This is a great month to get significant things done. No planets change direction (aka change their minds), all of the planets are moving Direct except Uranus and Neptune, who like being Retrograde, and Sun conjuncts Jupiter, a lucky transit as the King visits the Prince's country estate. The lovely Vesta is conjunct both the lunations, like the Vestal Virgin sitting beside the King and Queen whispering about virtue and higher purpose. Use this time wisely.

(*A) On the 5th the Full Moon finds Mars conjunct Venus so do something fun with co-workers and privately, plan a candlelit dinner with someone who matters. (*B) On the 9th the Sun Trine Moon denotes the best time to bring projects to fruition. (*C) On the 10th Jupiter (aka the big guy) moves into Scorpio, shifting us from negotiation to determination and possibly ruthless action. How intensely Jupiter plays this year depends on the changing position of Mars to whom he must defer.

(*D) On the 14th the warrior princess Venus enters Libra taking a dominant place on this chessboard. When women speak, listen! (*E) Mercury joins Jupiter in Scorpio on the 16th so projects crystallize even quicker. (*F) By the New Moon on the 19th a new paradigm for cooperative, determined, efficient action is in place. Try to keep up. (*G) On the 22nd as the Sun enters Scorpio, Mars chases Venus into Libra; good for socializing, not so for work. (*H) On the 26th the Sun conjuncts Jupiter so take the day just to feel good!

Watch more forecasts at www.spaceandtime.com and purchase the Planetary Calendar at www.planetarycalendar.com. 

November 2017 Planetary Calendar Forecast  with Lahni & Ralph DeAmicis
28:30 Minutes Running Time

This is another 'get things done' month, with most planets Direct and the smallish speed bumps all in the first seven days. (*A) The Full Moon on the 3rd is marked a Black Box for general chaos, but it has sp,e good qualities. The Sun conjunct Jupiter carries the sense of great things are possible if enough effort is expended. Venus in Libra rulership conjunct the Asteroid Vesta, at the Feminine Archetype Star Spica massively empowers women, inspiring great productivity. Meanwhile Saturn at the Galactic Center transmits a spiritual architecture for us to build with.

But Uranus opposite Venus means outbursts and personal violence, so tread lightly and speak kindly. Fortunately Venus is strongly placed so love and justice will likely prevail. (*B) Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 5th thankfully restoring people's lost sense of humor. (*C) Venus leaves idyllic Libra on the 7th for determined Scorpio, joining Jupiter, so discussions become actions. (*D) All of this creates great momentum to bring projects to fruition on the 8th with Sun Trine Moon.

(*E) On the 13th Venus conjuncts Jupiter so mix business and pleasure, networking, apologies, with those who can help you in the future. (*F) The powerhouse New Moon on the 18th is an iron fist in a velvet glove, hard driving Scorpio expressed through diplomatic Mars in Libra; heal wounds, make allies, spread your vision for the future. (*G) The Sun entering Sagittarius on the 21st shifts the balance of power towards Saturn so apply the brakes a bit. Coincidentally Mercury is slowing down so relax, take a breath and take advantage of this respite. (*H) On the 21st Neptune turns Direct supporting Jupiter with visionary inspiration so plan your next steps.   

Watch more forecasts at www.spaceandtime.com and purchase the Planetary Calendar on the page below.