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December 2019 Planetary Calendar Forecast  
with Lahni & Ralph DeAmicis

The month starts with an important Ingress. (A) On the 2nd expansive Jupiter enters compressive Capricorn, joining Saturn in that planet’s feminine ruling Sign. The Jupiter-Saturn ‘Great Conjunction’ happens every 18-20 years and has wide ranging influence. Under the influence of this powerful Saturn, expect conservative constriction, economically and socially, for the coming year. The exact Conjunction happens in Saturn’s masculine ruling Sign at 0 degrees Aquarius on the Winter Solstice 2020. Interestingly, Saturn enters Aquarius on the First Day of Spring 2020. Considering that the First Day of Spring, the First Day of Winter and the First Degree of the Sign Aquarius are significant in this equation says something important is happening. Watch our long-range forecasts at where we attempt to puzzle out what is coming up through 2022 and beyond.  

(B) On the 6th the optimistic, energetic Sun Trine Moon moves projects along. (C) On the 9th Mercury enters Sagittarius, fluffy, but a good sense of humor. (D) The Full Moon on the 11th sports Venus Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn; people respond well to formal, charming approaches. Spend time with dear people of another generation. (E) The White Circle Day on the 13th turns creative ideas into practical projects. The White Circle Day on the 15th, with Jupiter Trine Uranus, extends from the 11th to the 18th. This is lucky and exciting, so let financial possibilities reveal themselves. But watch out because sometimes genius is confused with wacky and risky. (G) On the 19th Venus enters Aquarius, be less formal, more innovative in social interactions.

(H) On the 21st is the Winter Solstice, first day of Winter. (I) On the 25th, Christmas Day is a Solar Eclipse, the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, South Node, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto are in conservative Capricorn. (J) On the 28th Mercury joins them. From Christmas on, expect serious, formal and complicated times through the Lunar Eclipse on January 10th. Finally, when the Sun, led by Mercury, enters Aquarius on January 20th this will lighten up. The year ends well with (K) White Circles on the 30th, thanks to a fun Mercury Trine Uranus, and (L) on the 31st with the Sun Trine Moon, offering a hopeful note for the New Year.

November 2019 Planetary Calendar Forecast  
with Lahni & Ralph DeAmicis

With Mercury turning Retrograde October 31st expect communications and technology glitches to persist until Nov 20th (I) when Mercury turns Direct. (A) On the 1st quick moving Venus leaves obsessive Scorpio for social Sagittarius. Let more light into your heart and loosen your grip. Focus on developing a greater perspective about yourself as a socially-connected, spiritual being. 

(B) On the 6th Sun Trine Moon makes everything flow easily, so give stuck projects an extra ‘push’. (C) The White Circle Day on the 8th is active from the 7th through the 9th; a time to be tremendously effective at whatever you choose to do.  (E) The White Circle on the 13th is active from (D, E, F) the 13th to the 14th so don’t sit on your hands waiting for events to evolve; make them happen! (G) On the 17th the Sun Trine Moon boosts any task or event you want to promote.

During the entire transit of the Sun through Scorpio, Mars, Scorpio’s ruling planet has been in peace loving, patient, negotiating Libra, softening and diffusing this normally hard driving, dig-deep energy. But, (H) on the 18th Mars enters the planet’s feminine ruling sign of Scorpio and expeditiously accomplishing physical tasks gets easier.  (I) On the 20th Mercury in Scorpio turns Direct, aligning with empowered Mars, so take action without delay. Mercury Direct smooths out communications and transportation complications.

(J) On the 22nd the Sun Enters expansive, philosophical Sagittarius. (K) On the 25th Venus enters taciturn Capricorn, going from liking a person for their sense of humor, to wanting to know where they work. Meanwhile, the month winds down to (L) an upbeat New Moon on the 26th. This is a chance to review your year, acknowledge the successes and reap some benefits. (M) On the 27th Neptune turns Direct further helping the economy reclaim its mojo. (N) Thanksgiving on the 28th is a wonderfully social White Circle Day. Bon Appetit.