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This is probably the final episode of 2017, with a behind the scenes look at a three day high end tour in Napa. 

Wine Country at Work Current  Episodes

Climate Change Strategies in Wine Country, The Impact of Ride Sharing on Tourism and BioDynamics as a marketing message.  10-17

Wine Tasting Advanced 

In Ralph's work as a tour guides he has been at thousands of wine tastings with some of the world's best wine educators and he's learned a thing or two. Also as a guide, he have driven people all over wine country making sure they had the correct amounts of food and water and time between tastings to allow them to maintain their sense of tasting and sanity. This episode combines some insights about tasting and touring that people find helpful. 

  • Background: We started producing this series in 2012 with Napa Television for a simple reason, we had more content that we knew what to do with for our mobile apps and more stories to tell than would fit in our books. During our years of touring with clients in Wine Country we've done 100's of videos, and over time they got longer and longer. From there creating a TV show was a natural progression.

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