Two wonderful interviews about the first modern organic method developed in the 1920's by Rudoph Steiner. It features Chris Benziger from Sonoma's well known Benziger family winery, long known as important educators for this important system that is so popular with premium wineries. 

This wonderful interview with Nicole Marino about the process of creating her wine makers calendar is completely entertaining and filmed in the Napa Valley TV studios. 

Recorded during the 2016 Taste of Yountville event it includes an interview with Olivia Everett, the Director of Arts Council Napa Valley, and featuring the original works of three Buskers.

This interview with Debbie Young, the volunteer director at NVFF is a great look inside what it takes to put on such a large event, including over 600 volunteers.

Wine Country @ Work


n insider's perpective about how a small number of enthusiastic people in the wine hospitality business deal with millions of visitors who are mostly inebriated and still make great wines.  This page includes our most recent season's shows, select below to see our older, but still interesting episodes.

  • Background: We started producing this series in 2012 with Napa Television for a simple reason, we had more content that we knew what to do with for our mobile apps and more stories to tell than would fit in our books. During our years of touring with clients in Wine Country we've done 100's of videos, and over time they got longer and longer. From there creating a TV show was a natural progression.

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2016 & 17 Episodes

This Highlights Reel includes short segments from all of the episodes from 2016. It was a varied, informative and entertaining year. Enjoy!

The historic winery Buena Vista in the southern Sonoma Valley went through a magical transformation. In this interview with George Webber, historian you'll hear the story of this winery coming back to prominence. 

This interview with one of the founders of the Napa Film festival offers a wonderful look inside how it developed and what it takes to make it work. 

Stag's Leap is an iconic winery in Napa and their development of a new hospitality center is wonderful investment in the future of wine tourism. 

Tour Guide

A documentary film in process about the small community of wine tour guides working in the world's most popular wine tourism destinations. 

Climate Change Strategies in Wine Country, The Impact of Ride Sharing on Tourism and BioDynamics as a marketing message.  10-17